Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The World Cup and Germany

The World Cup and Germany

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The Economist

February 11, 2006

Friends of ours from Africa had expalined to us just what a great party his event will be; there will be platforms with televised views of the game outside of the stadium with beer available! The Germans are thinking of employing the army around the stadiums jsut to keep everyine in line...

The writers at the Economist think that Germany is looking to these games as a way to gather a popular worldwide view of a prosperous united Germany which, like the fall of the wall separating East and West Berlin, could bring about a "cultural and economic rebirth."

Germany is right now having more growth and its' global companies are doing better than ever.

However, from a social scientist point of view, the authors conclude that not everyone appears to be moving up the ladder and social justice may need some assistance in Germany.

So what do you think?

Will the Wolrd Cup Soccer Games put Germany on the map?



readmereadyou said...

I have no clue. Call me an isolationist but I'm worried about the USA and not Germany. : )


monponsett said...

When I was studying to be a wrestler, i got in trouble for refusing to fight German girls.