Friday, November 28, 2008

What We Have Learned Since Aol Folded...

Bloggers spilled over Blogger land!....
We were scared, we were flustered and we were anxious!
Already I can say that we love the format here, we love the dashboard ..
It helps us keep in touch and it helps us meet new people here!
Carly welcomed us with open arms...(Suddenly Ellipsis)...
and Guido helped us move!
He really did a bunch of moving heaven and earth for us!
Thank you so much Carly!
And thank you so much Guido!
Thank you Blogger!
You are great!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I love you guys!

I love you guys and it's almost Thanksgiving again!
remember how everyone used to cite how many things they were thankful for?

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

hi Guys!

Hi Guys and Hugs!
Google brought in this older blog from Aol.
It is fun because you can host it anytime!
Just let me know!:):)
Lots of good memories here!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Please come visit and leave links!

Please come visit and leave links!
And please would Stacey and Bill contact me!

I hope we can all get together , make an open fire and roast some marshmallows!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Guys my blog name will be revised! Stay tuned!

Blog Name Revised

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Bea told me that the name I put up for Google is taken!
And no that is not me!
Stay tuned!
I'll probably go back in time...

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Aol to Move its'Jlanders to

We are all getting in the ship to go overseas to Blogspot!
Please come and visit me and leave your link!
I am trying to find you and register to
I will miss AOL so much!
I love the people  of AOL!They  are great !
Thank you so much from the top to Magic Smoke to John Scalzi and his family to all of our wonderful editors and bloggers. A great experience!
We bloggers were treated to a lot of joy and we have shared our lives here!
the people here have been fantastic to all of us!
I will hang around awhile, but please do visit my new site and leave your information.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Happy Rosh Hashanah!

Happy Rosh Hashanah!
I wish everyone a wonderful holiday!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Ondine Monet's blog:Great Photographic and Great Writing blog

Carly is a great person. She is  a devoted wife, and mother to an adorable cat Elvis!
Her pictures capture the beauty of San Francisco. She includes some great pictures about her life and her travels. She is a very sensitive and descriptive writer. She writes about many issues in our world and she invites feedback from all of her readers.
Her photos have great acclaim and following.People adore her gracious and kind personality.

Please Add Condolences or Comments for Paul Newman

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"From Beefcake to Anti-Hero"
by Lynn Smith
Los Angeles Times

Please leave your thoughts, favorite movies, favorite memories of this great American here.My Deepest Condolences go out to his dear family, his friends, past co workers and past actors , who have cherished this great man.
He was such a wonderful character actor and I think his films are a great tribute to the life he gave Americans to aspire to.
His sauces made millions for less fortunate families across the globe.
Smith says he gave more than $250 million to 1,00 groups .
Among these groups she says were the"Hole in the Wall camps" for kids with life threatening diseases and his anti drug education programs for children in this country; which he claimed were his best contributions.He and his family were always so modest
about gigantic contributions to his all.
p.s. Oh it would be nice if you told us your favorite Newman movie or if you ever rented one. Cool Hand Luke and Butch Cassidy come to mind for starters

Great Blogs About Life

Check out Sam's blog about being a devoted husband, grandfather, friend and running a wharf in Georgia! He has an interesting life and beautiful pictures of his wharf!

Paul is a devoted husband and father in Canada! His tongue-in-cheek stories inspire many and he may make you laugh for awhile...:)He is also Captain of the Curling team.
He has been known to love to talk about his life as a skeptic; including a healthy jousting match with Christians and Jews alike (or any other religion for that matter!) Vacation/

Monday, September 8, 2008

Our Sports Blog/Monponsett

Monponsett has been a sports commentator for AOL for awhile and one thing she has learned : make it fun! make it exciting! Enjoy going to the game!
And that's what she does! Her enthusiasm and her joy in all of the major sports are great!
Please give her comments when you visit because she loves to know where you stand and what you think one team did as far as performance as opposed to another...she's an awesome sports writer and a great wife and mom!She used to teach school.

Great Romantic blogs

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Hadonfield is so great! HadonfieldMyers Experience/
True romance for the love of his life serves up many times a week!
Laini and Mark are great too!they have built so much love warmth caring and romance into their blog it screams for readers who appreciate this genre! I'm Amazed/
you know when I see the title it reminds me of one of my favorite Beatle tunes! wowee!
Looking for more romance? Try Kelli's blog:

Kelli writes so lovingly about her husband Rusty that it melts off the pages!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

International blogs:AWork in Progress

International Blogs


You will enjoy her wit and her enthusiasm as Sybil takes us and her family on various adventures in England! cheers! Trip

Guido tells us many tales of Scotland complete with ocean trips and historical visits to villages,etc. Awesome! Guido has also completed some blogs in the Netherlands b.t.w.
His wit and humor and saneness never ceases to amaze me!
She is the brilliant mother and grandmother that most would dream of having!
She writes beautiful stories; incorporating stories of her kids and grand kids! bravo!

Great Inspirational Blogs:Christianity and Judaism

Great Inspirational Blogs:Christianity

Carolyn takes no prisoners.I do not have to agree with all of her beliefs;au contraire.
She enjoys discussion of some great religions: Christianity, Judaism and Islam.
Join her for a lively discussion about the lives of Muslims, Christians, Jews in today's controversial world. She is a wonderful mother and wife . Carolyn still lives in Cananda
I think.
Sugar lives in Kansas. She used to travel all over the world teaching people as a missionary. These entries are fascinating. Her entries now a days are full of joy, humor and spiritual insight! She is a great mother, grandmother, friend to all and writer.
Laini and Mark write this colorful journey; filled with joy.compassion and love of Judaism and each other. It is a touching story of how they met at Temple and the beautiful life and customs and traditions that followed.

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Fantastic Blogs:Funny Blogs!

We do have some very funny blogs! And to be honest, I cannot document all of the great family blogs and great funny blogs! I am going to start this one with some  greats!


Guido has many talents! He is great at describing Scotland and Europe in general;  including  their current concerns and issues. He is also very ,very funny! He has a gnome tucked into Europe's sleeve somewhere; recording these funny jokes and passing them along! Genius Guido!:)
Monponsett is an awesome writer, wife, mother of two, and great sportscaster!:)
She is an awesome photographer! Check out her blog too for some of the funniest stories I have ever read! She is unbelievable!:)

Fantastic Blogs:Family Life

Fantastic Blogs:Family Life

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Kelli writes about the life of her family. She has a Marine as a Husband and three great kids in San Diego, Ca.
She includes many awesome adventures with the kids and she writes about her hobbies.
She is an accomplished cook and quilter.

Lori writes about life int he country with her great family! She is great at telling stories and you will  love her wonderful tales about fishing expeditions and possums hanging out with her kittens!Her children are very interesting too..much fun and humor!

Barbara writes a wonderful blog about her great family; her husband and her kids and cousins and the great life they lead in a country setting. . I love the tales of country cookouts and fun days with the kids in the meadow!
Barbara is a deep and insightful woman and her tales about life are compassionate. Her use of graphics is tremendous. Faith in Caneyfield/

Beth writes nice entries about her family in Indiana. She loves her family nd friendsand she writes colorful warm vignettes about her family's trips and adventures. her photography is good too. HadonfieldMyersExperience/
Hadonfield writes with joy and equanimity abut anything is life that presents itself!
An awesome writer, devoted husband and father, devoted community member and
artist, he never bores! But he always surprises! Be prepared for this gently soul.'sLament/
Raven writes about her family and her dog. whom she loves so much!
Raven writes about herself; she is a Native American, artist, advocate for women finding their voice, passionate wife, mother and writer! Many times I have been in awe of her writing and her great graphic art.


Jeanette writes about her family and friends in Great Britain in a wonderful entertaining way!She used graphics well and her stories , whether about her local adventures, or those of her kids and grand kids, are very entertaining! She is a cancer survivor and we are all so very proud of her as a wife, mother , grandmother and writer!

Exceptional Blogs: Educational Blogs

Exceptional Blogs:Educational Blogs

It's time to give hugs all around! I am going to try to mention a few of my favs.
Please have patience : you people are so great it takes a lot of time to write about you!
And I will be adding as I go. Thanks


Bea does a great job in her blog describing her creative and artistic students!
Ever the educator, Bea also includes interesting facts about science, Mother Nature, life.
Bea is a compassionate educator and a wonderful human being! Stories/

Marti talks about her challenges as a teacher. She has a very interesting take on education and she is very open minded; with a great sense of humor!:) She always surprises me with her love of kids and of her family and her great sense of humor! she's soooo funny when she describes her own kids and their antics! :) Kate/An AnalysisofLife/
Kate write about Roman and Greek mythologies in a way that we can understand. She alos writes about her wonderful family in England; her kids ae adventurous!:)
She is an archeologist and she writes about new finds in the field; some of which her own team was involved with! Very interesting!

Ken writes about his life managing a nuclear plant and his family. He is a convincing advocate for the development of different kinds of energy and for the development of your spiritual and psychological life. He includes interesting facts of science in his blog and
he writes stories about his trips.

Friday, September 5, 2008

SU2C: Hear Musicians Perform and Learn new Science

CBS Evening News
Sept.5, 2008

Katie Couric asks you and me to watch ABC or CBS tonight for SU2C.
Entertainers will regale us with beautiful music and scientists will tell us about new research about finding a cure for cancer.It will be interesting.
How noble of these entertainers to donate this time to raise money for research!
Have you had family or friends who have had cancer/
Have you witnessed their great courage in undergoing extensive treatment?
How do you feel about cancer treatments and or cancer?
Do you appreciate this effort?
Which cancer do you think kills the most of us?
let us know!
p.s. for more information contact:

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Happy 10th Birthday Google~:):)

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Happy Birthday Google!:):)
Please leave comments for Google!I love the way they help you find just about anything!
I love Google images, Google maps; the works!
And they take such great care of their employees!
So shoot for the stars guys! You know you are there!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

link work
http;// Pages/


Honor 911 Victims/Project 2996/Abrahamson

Willilam F. Abrahamson was a great friend to many people. His friends at the federal reserve Bank knew since the 60s.As the man moved around the country it was Mr. Abrahamson who kept them together. His wife said that he was quiet and secure about himself. He could always medisate between people at work when there were arguments.
His wife nd his eleven year old son Erik were his pride and joy.
Please leave comments here or by link for Mr. Abrahamson's family and friends and our bloggers. You can alos leave comments and links about 911 victims and heroes whom you would care to honor.

Honor 911 Victims/ Project 2996

Aol has a tradition of contributing to the memorials that Mr. Dale C.Roe has encouraged and publicized with his Project 2996.
The year due to personal circumstances, Mr. Roe asks us to write about someone .
He says he will start up a page where people can log their name , the victim's name whom they are honoring and a Link to their own blog.
I want to know, do you like this project?
Will you tell us more information and help fellow bloggers participate?
Please write your feelings too about 911.
Thank you!
p.s.What you might consider doing, if interested, is to contact:

Then please post the links to you memorials here.
Then you can email them to and tell Dale it's for his update page!

I think it is a great idea.

Honor 911 Victims / Write a Memorial to a 911 Victim/ Project 2996

Friday, August 15, 2008

Naisha Luiken and Shaun Johnson: Olympic heroes

Luiken and Johnson worked very hard and overcame obstacles in the Olympics.
They supported each other even though they were strong competitors and they embraced the true meaning of team players and friendship.
Please leave comments about them or about the importance of teamwork in your
understanding. Have you helped others overcome obstacles because they were your friends?
And have you yourself overcome physical or emotional difficulties to accomplish something? Please write about it here.

Michael Phelps: A Winner for all time

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NBC Olympic coverage
August 13, 2008

Michael Phelps is possibly one of the greatest gold medal holders of all time.
He is a great team player and a tenacious and glorious athlete.
He has broken time records and he stands to break the record for the sot gold medals of all time.
Ahh.. but that is only part of Michael.
Last year he helped another swimmer complete their matches and encouraged this other colleague by cheering him on.
When he was in elementary school as the story goes, a teacher told him that since he had ADD he had no talent. The teacher told his mom to take him home and to give up.
:) grins
His mother is a wonderful strong person. She took him to a great coach and the coach watched him in the pool.
He turned to his mother and he said" Michael has great potential. I see him one day becoming a great leader in swimming."
Please add your thoughts about Michael Phelps or a tribute to his life. Thanks!

Michael Phelps

Thank you good friends

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Please pray for my sister and send her good thoughts.
I want to thank Guido and everyone who has written me.
I want to thank all of you who responded  to Guido's
Call for Support blog.
She has been ill this fall too and I am concerned.
You people are wonderful; you are all different and yet you care enough to
support one of your friends here. You are great! thank you!

She Brings Us Joy:A Tribute

She Brings us Joy

(this is a tribute to my sister....)

She guides our feet.. and when we were little

She'd help us sleep
She makes us laugh
When we are falling away
she pulls us back

there is no end
in her for long miles
and Journey's upending

She only loves
Our quiet Joys
And warms our heart
As  the fire goes out

She is our joy

Do you have a sister like her? please write about her here.:)