Friday, November 28, 2008

What We Have Learned Since Aol Folded...

Bloggers spilled over Blogger land!....
We were scared, we were flustered and we were anxious!
Already I can say that we love the format here, we love the dashboard ..
It helps us keep in touch and it helps us meet new people here!
Carly welcomed us with open arms...(Suddenly Ellipsis)...
and Guido helped us move!
He really did a bunch of moving heaven and earth for us!
Thank you so much Carly!
And thank you so much Guido!
Thank you Blogger!
You are great!

1 comment:

Heli gunner Tom said...

Dashboard is a nice tool that helps us together... you're right.
But Blogger has already censored some of my Christian article and pasted posts! I don't want to make a big uproar about it, but we are certainly headed toward Socialism and a "One World Gov't." I have plenty of proof about that subject by I cannot just post it anymore.

Tom S