Sunday, October 30, 2005

Babies: Should We Choose their Sex?

Babies: Should We Choose Their Sex?

Apparently some scientists in Mass. think so...hey are experimenting to find a way to let parents decide on the sex of their new baby. Do you think this is right? please leave a comment....

Personally I think it is very bad.


Wednesday, October 26, 2005

What is Pluto?

What is Pluto?

When astronomers first defined the planets they called them similar bodies that revolve around the sun ,give no light of their own, and they were formed in the same gas and dust that formed the sun.

According to astronomers (The Week, September 30, 2005) Pluto is only one sixth the size of the earth and it is made of ice and dirt.Perhaps it is not big enough to be called a planet. Pluto has a"twin", or an asteroid of the same size that is twice as far away called Sedna. The Astronomers in the know are now saying that we could actually have a 20 planet solar system! Wow!

Gay Men Are Not Perverts And They Do Not Attack Little Children

Gay Men Are Not Perverts And They Do Not Attack Little Children

Rome decided that seminaries will be inspected to find out if any gays are present. If they are "discovered" they will be let out,according to the Chicago Sun Times.This was found in"The Week", October 7, 2005.

Would somebody please tell the Pope and Rome that the definition of being a very sick person , (a pediafile), is not a  typical gay person? Would someone tell him please that the two things are not at all related ? I abhor pediafiles too, but maybe we can focus on people preying on little children .And that to say that means that some person will be targeted in the name of religion?

Remember that Jesus Christ said "Judge not lest ye be judged?"

Come on now. This is not ethical.

Not For All Time But Once....

Not For All Time But Once....

Bernice lifted her quilted fabric up and looked over the design..She thought.."Oh!"....She gently went on was a wedding ring quilt, a gift for her cousin.

She thought about her first wedding...that morning she ahd left her job on the motocycle, so happy...grinning all the way down the highway! She arrived at the church with a bag of clothes, ready to get changed...Nothing moved inside of the church building. ... All of this planning, yet no one was here..

She flipped the lights on in the changing room and began putting her lsip on . She began to feel excited all over again! ...She slipped her gown on..where was her sister?...she lsitened for her and for ehr mother...

Then she gazed out inot the church..the candles still flickered at the Virgin's alter..

Suddenly, her mother entered the church. Silently, she closed the door behind her. Her mother's eyes were red and wet... Bernice looked at her, confused...

"Mom?" she said softly.

"Bernice!! Come here Baby."Her mother was shaking hard as she hugged her close to her. Bernice still felt that pain, awful pain, in her heart.The young man she had loved so much...

"There has been an accident Honey.

"Bobby's been hit by a truck on his motorbike."

"Oh no!"

"Bobby's dead."

Bernice sighed. It had been twenty some  years ago,she had another husband  and a child, but still it hurt. her love of Bobby could fill so many pages of a book. And each page would show a shining, new love.



Friday, October 21, 2005

Paul Little's CarnivAOL

Paul Little's CarnivAOL

It's time to check Paul LIttle's CarnivAOL again!Here is the address:

I can promise you it's very varied! You will find journals about two children, about a grandchild, about sad memories of a father, about a great dinner with a mother who has had chemotherapy, about how girls can vent their anger and get even !... about how we all wear masks and why ...and even about poetry.... and Paul's vacation in Italy! Woopee!There is also an antry about a long way home / adventures while driving a child home from work! So go and enjoy!

ALso Paul would like us to submit entrie for the next coming CarniVAOL!



Wednesday, October 19, 2005



"I don't know what they think we are...they come here ...what do they add?"...

so ... people ...where is..the great.... melting pot.... and ... what group... so much... better...

What if... we could... come together... to influence ...neighboring governments.. to be more... humane?



A Bird of a Different Feather

A Bird of a Different Feather

She pushed her bangs back from her eye. It was raining and she had to get the colored paper home in time to make  those flowers...She buttoned her coat tightly and pulled up the collar of her raincoat...

As she reached her house she rushed in to make the flowers. Soon there was a sound ...the door bell rang... She opened the door to find Jane struggling to stay dry.

"Hi!" she said. "I hope you can still use some help.."

"Oh..Oh sure!" "Come on in!" she said.

She made some coffee for Jane. They worked hard and after some time they took the flowers in little clay pots over to the club house for their gathering.

Later they would come back and have a nice holiday meal, thanks to their own hard work at decorating....

She was good to have new friends in a town where she did not know everyone...

Whenthey entered the room a few hours later.. they were appauled... someone had removed the flowers. They had replaced them with cut daffodils in glass vases...

Anna could not believe the callousness of the act...

She was hurt.. she got out of her chair and walked towards the door.

She over heard one of the women saying :" No problem...."

"No..I don't believe she should have been allowed.. She's not from around here..No I know...."

Anna proudly picked up her purse as did Jane. They headed towards the door...




MY Heart's Desire

My Heart's Desire

Soooo.. Hadonfield asked for a list....okeydokey!

I want time for more fun with friends.

I have love and a great family.

I wish I could get lots of cash and build an orphanage.

I hate bias/prejudice/meanness.

I miss the older people.

I fear everyone's demise.

I hear wonderful songs.

I wonder at all of the new things that we learn about life through science.

I wish we would reach out more as a people to other people (countries) in need.

I am not timid.

I need warmth.

I should learn more patience and strength.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Games People Play

Games People Play

A friend of mine and I were talking about this book by Eric Berne and how it can affect your life ( the games that is). What I mean is : sometimes there is more going on when your parents or siblings are mean and they try to make you look incomplete or inadequate.

In life we get "stamps" by acting out our desires and intentions with others. You can notice this with your self first. When you read, say Lisa's journal or Hadonfield's journal and you put a nice comment on it that is supportive, in psychology we assume that you are doing nice things in order to get a nice stimulus back. This is normal.

Some people have been raised or abused by mean people and they behave differently. They try to behave or pretend to be nice and then suck us in. Then, they say or do something mean. What they are trting to do is to get "stamps" or a stimulus from you for negative or harmful behavior.

Why am I telling you this? It is so you will analyze how your family treats you if you have not done so already. The fun part is: once you analyze it and you see what game is being played out, and if it is not a good game for you, you may decide to stand up for yourself. You can tell the other party (or write them a letter, even if you don't mail it) that you are a great person ( tell them your friend Natalie told you so!) and that you don't intend to take their abuse anymore because you simply don't deserve it!

It can be amazing if you tell some people that you love them but you only want a good interaction with them ( stamps for good behavior) they may actually change !

I can't promise that they will change, but if you give them some time and you help them by saying that you want it and you will help them to do it, you might be surprized.They may want to change so that theri own life is happier.

You have many friends here so it might be an interesting experiment.If you don't do this it is okay too; it is only a tool that you might like.

My only interest in telling you this is I think that you are great! We have a wonderful group of friends here and you can only grow stronger!



My Favorite Sci Fi Movie: The Abyss

My Favorite Sci Fi Movie : The Abyss

John Scalzi asked us to d.escribe our favorite sci-fi movie; The Abyss was my favorite because it had extraterresterals who were from the sea and they were beautfiul! It featured extraterresterals who could build themselves from expanding water forming a human shape inside of the submarine and it had alot of great acting!

The hero even learns how to breath in water , live and communicate with extraterresterals and humans!

very cool!

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Mars in Antartica

Mars in Antartica

Did you know that scientists have found bits and pieces of the planet Mars in Antartica? They are now shuffling to come to some understnadable conclusions about it...

Some poeple think that Mars could have splintered off little pieces from time to time in the past and sent them to us...Some scientists still feel that there has been evidence of fossilized green matter etched inot this bits from Mars... hummmmmm..

What do you make of this?

Aren't Seniors Worth It?

Aren't Seniors Worth It?

I read an article which infuriated me that other day... it said that now adays chemotherapy is not given to senior citizens because they are considered too old to reap the benefits!

Excuse me?!!! Who died and made you God?

Seniors deserve to be fredd from cancer jsua s young people do! What do you think?

What's Real

What's Real

Pat reached down to fasten his book bag...he sighed...he looked for his friend Beau. He reached around to hug him and they walked across the field together. Then, at the edge of the field he murmured something to him and they split apart...He threw the football to him. His friend caught the football and tossed it to another friend ,who tossed it back to Pat. It was just magic how the three of them cold play together, Pat thought...Beau said"dude..your mom is here..."

and Pat sauntered off to the car..content.

In the car, his fingers sought out his favorite radio station; thinking quietly what to say to his mother...His mood was subdued...

As they reached home and walked inside, Pat said"Mom? Mrs.B gave me a couple of detentions today...."

"Acouple?...of detentions?"....his mom said..

"For what? What did you do?" she asked.

"Well she got mad because some of us were playing checkers in our flex period..we were caught up with our homework..."

"So why would she do that?"

He shrugged.

"I don't know mom..."

"some girls did the same thing and she didn't give them one."


he nodded ."Really."

"What was the second detention for?"

she asked.

"For throwing rokcs into an empty pipe by the lab.

I didn't know I couldn't do that."

"oh..Are you in serious trouble?"

His mother walked away from him; trying to add up the facts he had given her in her mind.

They would not compute.She decided to go see Mrs.B.

After a call, Mrs.B. appeared. "Mrs.Jacobs!" she called.

"hi Mrs.B."

"What's up?"

"Im lookin throuhg the school policy book.. I don't understand what happened on the detentions."

"What don't you understand?"

"What happened?"

"I warned PAt and several others who were making noise in the common room not to do that and to go to the library for studyhall.

They would not listen. I finally gave them all detentions."

"Oh...", she said, stunned....

"And was Pat warned not to throw the stones in the pipe too?"


"Then why did he lie ?...he lied to me!..."

tears stormed donw her face...

"Let's go in my office,"she said.

"Mrs.Jacobs? teens at this age lie. They try to get away with things."

Mrs.Jacobs went as if someone had socked her in the stomach. The raw pain and the humiliattion spilled over her face and into her stomach...

"Let's call him in..He shouldn't be lying to you.."

she called Pat.

"Pat? Look at your lied ot her and she is loosing some trust factor here. You have to stop doing this."

tears spilled out of her eyes...

"Why Pat?"





Saturday, October 1, 2005

Riding on the Winds

He turned to her. They were to be wed.He was so happy; so grateful that he had lived through all of the trials in his life to make it to this point. This was a Sioux Native American wedding...she had a lovely long wedding dress with fringe , made out of suede...with a beautiful necklace with feathers and with a crytsal...He had a thick suede leather jacket and long trousers...He was looking at her softly so she gently smiled and placed her hand on his chest quietly.....looking up at him too...

The tribe had let him in, even though he was not Native American. He had grown up near teh tribe and he had learned many good wise thigns to live by, thaks to the tribe and to his foster mother ,who had friends there.

The Native American medicine man gently  asked them what their intentions were...

They predged to each other a life of admiration, of loyalty and love.

They were married outside in the clean sage air...

He said that he gave his life for her life, that he would be true until she died. She said the same.he began dreaming about how wonderful life was now... he could almost forget the terrible time he had when his former birth parents locked him up and denied him food...His foster mother was gazing at him and his foster father.. so much pride and happiness streamed through their eyes for him...They had rescued him . His birth parents had abadonned him for extensive periods of time; without much food left in the house to eat, and very little to drink...he rememberd that sometimes .They had locked him in the closet for a day at a time and he had felt so bad.. bad that he  had even existed......because if he had been a good person and worthy of respect, why had they abandonned him?This self doubt gave him much pain and sadness.

His foster parents had given him  a loving caring home...His foster mom was a world famous author and yet she always had time for him, she always took an interest in his work and is studies.His foster father always took time to play football and baseball with him as a child.After college, he had taken an interest in learning the art of European metal work; including making old fashioned knives and he was good at it.  And then he had met this enchating lovely woman who would now be his....two miracles for one man.... he sighed,,was he worth it?...

Could he make her truly happy?

He kissed her hand and her forhead and he dreamed for he first time of being with her in their own bed and in their own house...he smiled and she smiled back at him, and he almost forgot where there were...

His friends called out to them: " A re you ready to go?"

He smiled back at them......People were shuffling them out to the car and throwing birdseed on them for fertility....He tenderly picked her up and gently lifted her into the car...he was so blessed....


Floods of Katrina

The two of them were huddled together under a blanket. They had been trying to keep their baby from getting too wet from the flooding water..They gave each other kisses as they hugged each other, tried to keep them selves and the baby warm...

The man and woman walked for miles and miles trying to get the baby to the hospital.

The baby was crying and getting very cold...

Finally he saw a policeman in a jeep and he began waving frantically to get a lift...

The policeman drove right over. Within about twenty minutes they were at the hosptial with the baby... the baby had a light bluish color and the mother was shaking...her husband folded her in his arms and held her softly; as if by holding her he could banish all of the darkness and sadness that they had enountered that day the storm......                                                                                                             

the woman found  a place to perch on his chest... within minutes the baby was seen... he had fever so he had to be admitted to the hospital...