Sunday, April 30, 2006

Music I like

Vivaldi, Jesus Bas, Rhapsody in Blue

(John made me do it Lol!)

I adore Vivaldi! And spring time is all about his music!

Nothing could be nicer on my ears in spring time!

Unless of course Gershwin's Rhapsody in blue or his American in Paris is playing... the rhythm is astounding!

Finally Jesus Bas plays beautiful guitar music and he sings along with it!

So what are your choices?

Freedom Tower continued

Freedom Tower (continued)

I have received an essay from Dawn (princessaurora) about the new Freedom Tower.

This entry will cover Dawn's remarks and Angela's thoughts.It will ask for feedback.

According to Dawn the new tower's base is a windowless block of concrete and steel 200 feet tall.Apparently, the New York Police Department insisted that this bomb proof base be completed and removed a distance from the street for safety purposes.It is further away from the street than the architect had originally planned to avoid car bombs.

Due to these safety concerns, Daniel Libeskind, the architect, had to drop his original plans for an asymmetrical spire to evoke the outstretched arm of the Statue of Liberty.the spire was supposed to rise to 1,776 feet as a tribute to the American Revolution.David Childs collaborated with Libeskind to design a larger tower surrounded by cables rising 400 feet.

The new Freddom Tower:

1. It does not twist.

2. It has no windmills

3. It lacks the Statue of Liberty spire.

4. It's facade is supposed to remind everyone of the Twin Towers. There is an antenna in the middle that is 1,776 feet tall.

Accordingly several New York newspapers and some Chicago publications came out

against this tower.

Angela wrote that she agrees with Charley (last Tower entry) that we should have lights

here every night for people to enjoy. However, since so many people died (3,000 in these 16 acres) she does not think that anyone should have to work there. Instead, we shoudl have a very nice memorial park for everyone to appreciate; given that so many people died there.

What do you think? Please write your comments.

Friday, April 28, 2006

New 911 Monument in New York City Started!

911 Monument in New York City Started

Two days ago, a girlfriend of mine from new York denied to me that this mounment was going up!:):)

So in talking with Shermeen and Angela here, I want to say that it is going up and it will be a huge majestic

tall building for all to see !:):)

We can all admire our heroes from 911 here from now on! How great!:):)

Police Used My Space to Prevent Murders at Two Schools



Police Used My Space to Prevent Murders at Two Schools

My Space is a venue for many teens; a place that parents need to monitor becasue not only teens but adults visit My Space and some are trying to meet teens  and do things with them.

Imagine my spurprize when I found out that police in Kansas and Washington monitored the space and uncovered two plots to "recreate Colombine" at a school in Washingot and one in Kansas and that they were able to advert disaster by bringing the teens in and talking to them! Bravo!

So this gave me the "Aha" that My Space could help people gather information on youth.

What does it say to you?


Wednesday, April 26, 2006

China' Security Industry Needs Repair

Google pictures

The Economist

February 11, 2006

China's Security Industry Needs Repair

In 2004 adn 2005, due to bad managemnt and not enough flotations according to Economist writers, 130 security companies in China lost 15 billion yuan;(about $2 billion).

China's capital amrkets are not yet developed apaprently because  the security firms  are not strong. The government has been busy trying to reform the banks and shares prices have gone down; even though China's stock market has hit a high for these last 11 months.The China Securities Regulatory Commission seems to carry teh most problems. It does not want to allow big name security companies to go bust! ?

Apparently regional govenments own the paper that these security firms have! huh?

No one wants to "offend" thse govenments by putting anyone out of business!

Another interesting point: the Chinese have no obligation to let other people into their securities industry.

What do you think about this?And where lies a compromise?


The World Cup and Germany

The World Cup and Germany

Google photos

The Economist

February 11, 2006

Friends of ours from Africa had expalined to us just what a great party his event will be; there will be platforms with televised views of the game outside of the stadium with beer available! The Germans are thinking of employing the army around the stadiums jsut to keep everyine in line...

The writers at the Economist think that Germany is looking to these games as a way to gather a popular worldwide view of a prosperous united Germany which, like the fall of the wall separating East and West Berlin, could bring about a "cultural and economic rebirth."

Germany is right now having more growth and its' global companies are doing better than ever.

However, from a social scientist point of view, the authors conclude that not everyone appears to be moving up the ladder and social justice may need some assistance in Germany.

So what do you think?

Will the Wolrd Cup Soccer Games put Germany on the map?


Is Putin Dangerous?

Is Vladimir Putin Dangerous?

The Economist

Feburary 11-17

In 1999, Vladimir Putin took over the Presidency of Russia. The editorial staff of The Economist no longer expects him to bring forth his promised "managed democracy".

However, they say that Russinas are freer now than they were during the Cold War;

even though Mr. Putin is a card carrying member of the KGB. 

This article mentions a study by Yego Gaidar who says that there is a comparision between the Yeltsin/Putin era and that is has to do with a period of disorder and chaos followed by authoritariansim and nostalgia; like the period that Germany went through in 1918-1933.He is hoping that an era like the one that Hitler founded will not come to be in Russia.

What do you think? Is Putin's "bureaucratic authoritarinism" approaching a fascistic govenment that we should be taking serious notice of?

Women and Estrogen

Women and Estrogen


Scientific Amercian Mind

February 6, 2006

"Estrogen Blues"

by Sara Todd Davidson

When estrogen levels shift during puberty, big mentral cycles, or menapause, it is the sharp variation in the estrogen levels; not the low estrogen level that might cause depression.Douma has been studying this problem in Canada and she thinks that unless the physician takes the time to stabilize the hormore level,

the patient does not get rid of the imblance and therefore stays depressed for longer than she should be.What do you think?

Paul McCartney is 64


Paul McCartney is 64

He's a great composer, performer, but also a very nice person. He's a great family man and he's helped numerous social causes.

Name a musician whom you admire and tell us why.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Special Dreamboat


Special Dreamboat

Google photo


 you are so

 full of spirit

You made

 the best mud cakes

 in town...

There's not a spunkier

 girl around!

Woo Hoo!!

You made them jump

When you won

the race

You made them stare surprized

You always were

an  ace!

Now Pumpkin

You enter

A new door

It is

ll your own


High above us

But if you're

ever blue

Remember mom and dad

We know

you're true blue!

Lesser Work of a Great Man, II

Lesser Work of a Great Man II

Ok ... So who is this man?

He created his own entire genre of work.

Art in America was totally transformed under his tutelage.

Who is it?

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Lesser Known Work of A Great Man

Google pictures

(John made me do it!)

Lesser Known Work of a Great Man

This artist used symbolism to convey intuition, harmony... his use of the abstraction  was developed to a very high level. People called him a genius.

He loved his pipe.He was from Europe.

Who was he?

OKokok ...So please play along... pick a favorite artist,poet or musician, select alesser known piece of work, post it here and tell us about it!

This is John Scalzi's assignment so you can post  there too!

Friday, April 21, 2006

The More the Chinese Use Gasoline, the higher the Price

The More the Chinese Use Gasoline The Higher the Price


CNN reporters keep hitting this point: that the more the Chinese start driving cars, the more demand for gasoline will rise.CNN says that this demand will cause our prices to soar over time.

Note: Every summer gasoline prices do go up and right now , people are worried about Iran too.Hopefully these problems are temporary.

However, sharing gasoline in the global market is a huge problem and it is not temporary.

Please write your comments here.

Extra credit: Do you think that the fact that many citiznes in the US and in China are interested in driving hybrids will help ease this problem? Why or why not?

Water From the Moon- Nasa

Water From the Moon - Nasa

United Press International

Nasa has announced that we would like to crash into the moon with sufficient force to crash some below the level water to emerge. I've been told that this is important because if water does appear we can settle the moon eventually.

Price tag: 90 million dollars.

Please comment : Is it  worth it?

Please write your comments here.

Joke - Adam and Eve and God

Joke - Adam and Eve and God

Google art

( Please it's just a joke; nothing serious intended!)

God talked to Adam . He said : "I want to give you a companion."

Adam said "What's it gonna' cost me?"

And God said "An arm and a leg."

So Adam said "Would you settle for a rib?"

Teens Dropping out of High School, Part II

Teens Dropping out of High School, Part II


April 17,2006

"Dropout Nation" by Thornburgh

Google photos

Shelbyville, outside of Indianapolis, is fighting back to keep more teens interested in attending high school according to Thornburgh. The town is creating an alterntive high school, upping the penalties for dropping out, and encouraging the local factory not to hire teens who drop out.

Thornburgh also mentions a student who was encouraged by her school administrator to drop out so she did. She said itwas intimidating to try to aplly at teh community college then because she did not want for people to call her stupid. (wow!)

She even told Thornburgh that things might have turned out better for her if people had asked her to stay the course.

Please leave comments: What do you think is causing this and how can we best change it for the better?

Extra credit: What role do parents and administrators play in this?