Tuesday, April 18, 2006

What Dylan Thomas Said!

What Dylan Thomas Said!

Someone told me yesterday that I should stop caring about other people so much! They said it would be so much better if I just forgot about their worries and thought about my own, my own, only my own....

I was hurt because even as a small child my nature has been to reach out to others...

Sigh.. .

But this morning while  reading blogs written by friends  and conversing with friends I thought of Dylan Thomas, one of my other favorite poets and I took the owrds to heart that he wrote to his aging father who was ill:

"..Do not go down to

that gentle night

"Rage Rage Against the dying

Of the light!"

And I thought ... "Oh ok...I'll just do that!"


So have you ever felt like this?

And what did you do?




princesssaurora said...

Better to light one candle than to curse the darkness....

you go girl!

be well,

calmingtherain said...

go ahead and worry about anyone you want to. i feel people that do all this worry about others is second nature to them. like me i think i couldnt do away with this problem if i tried everything in the book to do so. it would be like trying to drink no more or eat no more and so on. love debbie

readmereadyou said...

I believe the reason we are all here is to help one another. What other purpose can we have that is greater? God created us to help and love one another. You keep on caring, dear girl. You're a loving person.
The thing we do have to learn, however, after we help a person as much as we personally can, we must let go and go on to the next. We can't dwell on all that's bad in the world or it can make us sick. I know, because I've done that in the past. So nowadays, I do what I can and then detach. If I don't, I won't be any use to anyone in the future.
God bless you for being compassionate and loving. We need more of YOU in the world.

ondinemonet said...

Hi Natalie

The fact that you care about others...even deeply...is a good thing. It is amazing in this harsh world. All things must be done in moderation however, because if you don't care for yourself first, you will be of little good to others. So, remember when you are trying to make it all ok for someone, when you are at your wits end because you just don't know what to do or say...know that it's ok to just wish them well and then let go. Don't change Natalie...

Love, Carly

sugar1337 said...