Saturday, April 15, 2006

When do we get the Twin Tower monument?

When do we get the Twin Tower Monument?


Google has many building listed under "twin towers"

but he main one I found was the WTC Memorial.

It would have two strong towers, one memorial space and a pedestrain space. It would take two years to build and that is when everyone votes for it.

There is also a strobe light that lights up the night sky (see picture). I'm not clear on how much time that takes. I'm not clear on whether Jlanders think that this light is enough.

I wish that some mounment could be set up.

Please write down your opinions on which plan is good and when you think we might be seeing it.




readmereadyou said...

I'm really at a loss with this one. I don't think I'd want to work there if they built office buildings surrounding all of that previous horror. I do like the lights. We have them on even now during September for the anniversary. I wish nothing would be built there except a serene, spiritual park with lovely a sanctuary, with a memorial for those that passed on with those glowing lights as pictured above at night......but I know that won't happen.


sugar1337 said...