Friday, April 7, 2006

Will You Meet Me in Your Dreams

Will You Meet Me in Your Dreams

Will You Meet Me in Your Dreams

And I will bring

A colorful Palette

Of running rivers streams;

Of mountains full

Of aspen flowers and reams

of Kisses

This I willdo

If you will meet me there

Will you meet me in your dreams

And dance with me

Just one more time

The tears and rants of tigers

Will be mine

Once more

If you will meet me

One more time

I'll raise the Hopes

I've kept in snares

Of wilderness keeps;

I'll walk the wary tread

Of mountain climbers on

their heady Rise;

And your thunder

Will fill the air

If you will meet me

In your dreams!


yeolecontractor said...

We need those dreams
to sustain our love.
Nothing is more blessed
than love's touch from above.

Hope and faith remains
tied with dreams and such.
The yearnings, the wanting
lingers so very much.



sugar1337 said...


bgilmore725 said...

Nat, I am so impressed with the way you express yourself here. "I'll raise the hopes I've kept in snares of wilderness keeps..." The imagery of holding back one's desire is well captured in these words. I love the you in poetry. I see where your questions come from. They come from the heart. Love, Bea

princesssaurora said...

WOW!  Fab poem, Nat!!!   How did I miss this!   Darn these kids they make me miss reading my journals regularly!  LOL

love ya

be well,

shermeen0621 said...

I love this poem, its so beautiful! It instantly made me think of my own experiences of love, how Adam and I talked of seeing each other in dream land because we couldn't see each other in person. it was wonderfully descriptive in a subtle way and you conveyed a feeling of lust and desire throughout. I really enjoyed this Nat.

Shermeen xx

psychfun said...

I love this! I think everyone can relate! Reminds me of Diamond Rio "One More Day" Link to listen below go to the bottom:

mtrib2 said...

I enjoy the lyrics.