Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The Chinese feel insulted by the US and by the Japanese

The Chinese feel insulted by US and by the Japanese

Did you see in US News and World Report that the Chinese are not too happy about our foreign realtions recently? Apparently, while in Japan Our President Bush made some comments about how China is not honoring our few trade zone agreements; the result of whihc is that they end up not buying some thing and not paying some things and we end up short.

I wonder what the Japanese thought about this.

In this article it was stated that the Japanese people are worried about China's increasing power and dominance in Asia's arena.They cited North Korea s an example and they stated to the world press that North Korea assumed that if they "played fair" other nations woudl treat they well. North Korea was hugely dissapointed in the ned in how others treated them.

Japan is rethinking whether being the "nice guy" in Asia will give them what they need as a country or not.

Is it okay to clone a dog ? what do you think?

The Koreans clone a dog using a human embryo

Time magazine and United Press International have had a field day reporting the cloning of a dog by Korean scientists using a human embryo.

Time mentioned the honor that was bestowed upon the scientist because it is the first cloned living thing after that famous sheep a few years ago in Scotland.

UPI was baffled why using an embryo created for a human child would be used to create a dog.They mentioned that it might not be such a high moral ground for this scientist to tread.

What do you think?

Do you remember that the people who pushed for stem cell research specifically promised everyone that this type of cloning would not go on?




Saturday, November 26, 2005

Scalzi's Who Let the dogs out?

Scalzi's Who let the dogs out?

John Scalzi never wrote this song but he has a dog in his entertaining book "Agent to the Stars"!...:)...

You see, the dog befriends the agent's client , who is a very amuzing Alien! :):):) A must read guys! never know...who might leaving the dogs out..and what adventures they might have! ..Believe me the Alien and the dog have a world full !

Catch a Falling Star

Catch a Falling Star

Do you remember this song ?I have always loved it.

"Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket,

Save it for a rainy day!

Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket , Save it for  a rainy day,

""Cuz love may come and tap you on the shoulder

some rainy day,

And when love comes and taps you on the shoulder, you'll need a pocket full of starlight!"

It fits becasue we all need extra love during the holidays and I miss the beach ! I can imagine going along the beach and admiring all of the starfish!






Monday, November 21, 2005

Plittle's CarnivAOL is Back!

Paul Little's CarnivAOL is Back!

Please consider submitting an article to CarnivAOL.

Paul Little is asking us to submit Add blogs or (original) creative writing blogs this week. Just email PLittle a link to your favorite story.

Every two weeks you can send one in! It's fun for the rest of us to read because when he is finsihed it is truly a tapestry of Jlander works that flow well together!

Happy THanksgiving and see you in the funny papers!(H.G.Wells) CarnivAOL!


Thursday, November 17, 2005

What I'm thankful for

What I'm Thankful for

Wow.. the list is a long one!I'm thankful for my family and grandparents. I'm thankful for friends and good teachers and mentors. I appreciate Jland friends, helpers and our Jland teacher. I appreciate those people who have reached out to help people here.

When I mentioned that someone needed help, Joe and Jouell did step up to the plate.Paul Little helped many of us here; weaving a rich tapestry of journals so that we could learn about other Jlanders and mutually support one another. I miss him here so much.John inspires us to learn more about journaling.

GaBoatman (Sam)(( is such a friend to all; he visits many bloggers and encourages us by mentioning all of the good things that we have done to reach out to others in our blogs. Likewise, Ondine Monet has been known to champion new bloggers; encouraging them along and asking them to continue writing!I miss Ondine alot. I have seen her new space and it is beautiful.

Nicole (Sugar1337) is a wonderful friend here. She is a talented writer who always makes time to write of her enthusiasm in her blog;"Disobeying he Rules of Convention, I may be.." Nicole would like some new readers. She is a very imaginative writer so please email me if you are interested so I can tell her.

Lisa of "Lisa's Mommy's Journal" is very interesting too.

She does magic tricks with fantastic graphics and beautiful photos of her family in her blog. Email me please if youare interested and I will tell her.

Marti (Sunnyside46) is a wonderful mother and a gifted teacher. She has brought me alot of inspirtation here and she would love some new visitors to her blog.

Michael ( Madman ADDH) would love some new readers too. He is a very descriptive and romantic  writer; he uses wonderful words to desrcibe his inner Don Quixote! (very cool) Let me know if you want to visit him.

Deborah (psychfun) offers an amusing blog that covers a number of experiences and thoughts about things that happen to her. You will really enjoy her blog.

Maria(curvyanglintexas) has alot to offer. She includes wonderful expressions on her blog.She would love to meet new bloggers.

Dawn(Carpe Diem) (

has Lupus and she has taught me alot about the disease. She has shown me so much courage about life that I feel stronger just by knowing her!Dawn would  love a visit from you!She is great!She is a good poet as well as a writer.

Hadonfield can and will inspire you about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness! He also tells you about the trials and tribulations of parenthood and I ahve enjoyed his blog alot.

Monponsett has agreat sports blog! Last night after I wrote this I stood up in  bed!!!!! Monponsett I said! You funny smurf! I've got to go tell people how much I love your jokes and your great photos and sports stories!So go visit Monponsett guys! She has really helped this soccer, basketball, and Lacrosse mom!

Felicia (dragonrose3911) tells us about her life as a pledging psychologist and her married life ,(she is married to a fireman).Her blogs are very energetic and full of the meaningful life.

Marina (STANSGIRL2004) has a very intriguing blog; lots of humor , lots of touching stories about herself and her family, and lots of pretty graphics. She has a great journal !!! And she would welcome new readers. 

Unicornsteph 80 is back after being away.She is a great friend here and a wonderful mother of two.

Mary Anne was nice to me too. She has moved her journal to: TheDark Side of the Moon.

Cneinhorn has a wonderful photography blog about her husband at sea and her family living in a beautiful village there.

There are two new people I would like to recognise; Kiplingcrissy,( atalented young mother who is a good writer. Also, Courtenaymphelan is a great poet who you may want to discover in her journals. I know the Discernment journal.

Lately, I have become aquainted with Lisa (queeniemart). She is very encouraging to people in Jland and her life and her family's experiences are very interesting: Goods/

p.s. Paul Little has returned!It's called Paul's online journal!


Sunday, November 13, 2005

Magazines I like...

Magazines I like...

John M Scalzi, our journal teacher, told us to write up magazines that we like.My favorites are many.

I love "The Week" because it covers alot of what makes the world tick.. sometimes I like "U.S. News and World Report" because it brings new light to tired subjects, due to new information.

Speaking of new information," Scientific American"

is fun. I love reading about new discoveries in outer space.

"National Geographic" and for kids "Discovery" are very interesting to learn about the world.

I love the stories about Animals in Audubon and sometimes in Sierra. I like reading about our national wildland preservation in conservation magazines.

Sometimes I like to read Art in America.

Steve Martin received the Mark Twain Award

Steve Martin received the Mark Twain Award!

Tom Hanks gave Steve Martin the Mark Twain award on PBS tonight, Sunday, November 13.

Tom Hanks said that Steve Martin defined who we were as people.

Martin Short played across Martin in "Three Amigos" and " Father of the Bride , Part I" and "Father of the Bride, PartII." Short said he admired his friend very much.

On clip of Martin showed him playing the banjo with a fake arrow running through his head.

Lily Tomlin sad he brought us to "sublime silliness and devine comedy!" She continued her description of her friend:" He has dachshund shaped ballons, a really big brain and abig heart with an arrow running right straight through it!...Everything else in him is rubber!"

Paul Simon of Simon and Garfunkel sang "The Sounds of Silence as a tribute to him and Dian Keaton sang a song to him. It was a beautiful show.



Friday, November 11, 2005

Veteran's Day

Honor Veterans Today

Today is Veterans' Day. I want to thank all of the veterans for the great job that they have done through two World Wars, the Korean War, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Persian Gulf, and Iraq.

If you are serving right now in Iraq, I am sending you appreciation for a very difficult job. And may you come home soon; and may you stay safe!

Note: Joe, our Journals' Editor encouraged people to honor  veterans today:

and JohnM.Scalzi has two journals that honor our

A journalist at CNN was just on air reminding all of us to honor the people who have helped us maintain our freedoms so valiantly!

Thursday, November 3, 2005

Oh No! Jim forgot to turn on the configuration button....

Oh No! ..Jim forgot to turn on the configuration button.!..

Assignment  from John Scalzi

..".I am looking into an instrument that magnifies the entrance to Jim's porthall, which is just barely open...and you will not be pleased, Jude, with what I am seeing!.... Jude, Jim forgot to turn on the configuration button when he set the ascribed descriptive measurements for his model... He messed up his eyes ,which I need to get to, I'm afraid that they will loose their focusing ability if I don't adjust them soon...His brain may have hardening gelatinous substance; after all I don't know how long his model has been forced to obey commands without proper

tools...You know,Jude, if we don't get to him fast, it may confuse and bother him so much taht he looses focus and therefore is unable to do the computer setup for reentry on our way back...Please help me out if you can..Can you reach Jim on your remote?


Wednesday, November 2, 2005

Good Children's Movies

Good Children's Movies

There are some children's movies that I think are expectional. The first one  is :"Totoro", a Japanese animated movie for kids. It is fascinating and it includes Japanes folklore and stories about Japanese families in it. It is famous in Japan and in San Francisco, you can buy Totoro stuffed animals that are created after this movie.

   There are two movies about a continuing story called "the Never Ending Story , Part I and Part II".

This is storytelling at  it's best and the animation is stunning , and fits well with the music.It is very creative and wonderful . It has to do with courage, creativity, finding one's way in the world and standing up for oneself in a meaningful way!

Labrynth is a movie with great actors and a stunning plot built for kids; however, the girl has to figure out the huge maze in this old French castle and grounds in order to find her little brother. Very suspenseful!

Tuesday, November 1, 2005

Jimmy is gone

Jimmy is Gone

Al picked up his tools and he got in his truck. He drove quietly down the road; the image of his little boy in his mind. He remembered little instances when Jimmy had been so sweet...going along with him in he truck on some jobs and hammering away while his father fixed somebody's leaky pipes...The joy of that child was that he never thought of himself... always of everyone else....Al sighed....

Jimmy had a defective heart... although they had done everything that they could think of to help him, taken him to the specialists in California, had a special heart pump installed...had sepcial care form cardiologists in their town looking in on was not to be... Jimmy's heart had failed him this week. How to answer all of the heart rendering questions from his friends at school? Al dropped some tears on his sweat shirt...How about his own questions? How could he stay strong for his wife when he felt insecure about this himself? He sighed....

He hoped that the postitve force in the universe would give him hope and information..and he hoped taht his best friends, the ones who had been helping him hold his own, the ones who wold carry the coffin with him tomorrw , would always be there...

El Dia de Meurte or The Day of the Dead

El Dia de Meurte or The Day of the Dead

We have good friends who hail originally from Mexico and there they have a great tradition of honoring relatives who have passed away called El Dia de Meurte.

They set the table for dinner like always, except that they add a placesetting for every family member who has pased away.They cook the favorite meal of that person. That night, they also set up an alter ..a way to honor that person with photos, pictures of their favorite things, and they make little sugar sculls like the person.

After they eat they leave the meal for the preson. They imagine the person sitting with them and visiting the family after the meal. They are happy that their dear relative has come by to visit them.The next day they remove the food. It is a joyous occasion!