Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Blogs that bring you home

These blogs make you feel at home and feel all cozy inside!:

And Paul! For a bit of home in Canada:

Penny brings a heartwarming view of her home and family and her past life:

And this is a good one! Sam talks about his family and his home at the docks!

Carly talks about all fo the things in her adventurous life:

Oh and Monponsett! She is at home with the major sports tezms in the US! But Also, she tells us about hom;

Blogs That Give Inspiration and Courage


Blogs that Give Inspiration and courage:

Caroline: She writes about her belief and her life ina positive and sincere light!

Dawn inspires many too!

And Shauneen! Her stories are funny; so funny that i forget my woes!


Sugar is a great comforter here and as a Minister she has always soothed many hearts world wide:

Dawn inspires us to look beyond illness for humor and hope:


De inspires and brings joy to many about her family and her life as a nurse in the hospital:

Barbara inspires us too with her humorous tales of family and home:

For a historical view about Christianity and Islam that will make you think, try Carolyn's view:

Blogs that Tell Tales

Blogs that Tell Tales:



I want to tell you about some good blogs. this entry is about blogs that tell stories.

Lori tells wonderful stories so I'm starting with her. She does a great job of story telling.

Guido tells tles about Scotland and about his life:

Marti tells lots of fun family stories:

Kelli talk about adventures in family life:

Bea talks about many adventures in school and in her own life! Discoveries too:


When you go, a poem


Google assembled these gerat pictures


A poem...

When you go

When you go

who will

I laugh with?Cry with?

tell jokes with?

When you go

who will

hold me? cajole me? make me laugh?

Will I be able to

kiss you goodbye?

Or only kiss

Your coffin

You have been

My right side

Mother's glory

Daddy's wisdom

You  always

guided us...

Why does God need you?


What Would you Like in Assignments?Scalzi

What Would you Like in Assignments:Scalzi


Google assembled these wonderful phtotos. o Google! They are awesome!

So if you've done this assignment, please leave your link. Also, please leave your link anyway with comments!

for me?

I love Scalzi's assignments! Many have been hilarious and they brighten up my day! Many have sretched my"grey matter"! and all have been fun!

The travel ones and the "give us  the very funniest moment of your life" ones are soooooo fun! :)

So now it's your turn!



Scalzi's assignment: Bacon or Tv?

Bacon or Tv?

John Scalzi wants to know which we could live without on a desert island....

Google assembled these pictures. yey Google!


Please write your comments at the end of this with your link! If you have written this up ina timely fashion, please leave the link and we will read it!


For me the bacon would have to go!

TV movies are awesome and now some networks are including good series!

One of my favorite family series is "Survivor" and that new Pirate show. How about you?

Oh and do you have a favorite movie this summer?I want to see No Reservations. Bourne Supremacy was very fun! anyone go?