Thursday, July 31, 2008

A Death: A Call for Support


A Death: A Call for Support
Please leave condolences for Laini (mereel2005) and Mark.
They author these blogs: Love from Iraq, We Made our Own Huppah and three more journals.
Please visit their blogs.
They have lost an adopted brother named Shimon.
He was only 38 years old.He was very near and dear to them.
Shimon was in the service several years ago and he left when he fell ill.
Shimon prayed everyday for Mark's return. Mark and Laini feel that God answered their prayers.Please write some nice words. Thank you!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Salicornia: Hope of World for Food and Energy?: tell us

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L.A. Times
Marla Dickerson
July 24, 2008

Tastiota, Mexico

Ms. Dickerson says that there are some neat rows of emerald plants growing up from the desert floor. Carl Hoges, an atmospheric physicist from Arizona, has spent his 71 years figuring out how humans can get food when they can't get fresh water and good soil.
this plant is called salicornia. It is a halophyte or a salt loving plant. Hodges would like to channel the ocean into some man-made rivers to nourish commercial aquaculture operations, mangrove forests and crops that produce food and fuel.
Hodges said that it would neutralize the sea-level rise. He wants to see 50 seawater farms.
He thinks we need to divert three Mississippi rivers size of bodies of water to stop the rise of the ocean and sequester lots of carbon dioxide. Hodges has had interesting followers, including  the late Marlon Brando and Martin Sheen.
the leader of Abu Dhabi has sent him $3.6 million to create a saltwater greenhouse system.
What do you make of his claim? Shouls anything be done? Who should help if anyone?
Please leave your thoughts. thanks! natalie

Protests Against Savage: People Unite

Monday, July 28, 2008

The reporter said that reporters and parents were out in force; protesting Michael Savage's unfriendly remarks against autistic kids and their families.
On the radio recently in the San Francisco area,
Savage called autistic kids" brats who get out of control because their parents don't discipline them."He implied that autistic kids do not have any developmental issues or problems completing tasks.
He said that they would be fine if parents would just step up and discipline them more.
The reporter said that the crowd was calling for Savage's resignation.
What do you think? Should Savage be charged or was it just a careless remark?
Should he get fired? Would it have affected you ro your friends badly if they had had an autistic kid?
Please let us know!
thanks, natalie

Sunday, July 27, 2008

you tell me:poem

you tell me
soft and spoken
most wondrous tales;
in fire's glow
A token
Of heroic voyages,
are we
At God's table
Of Plenty!

You decided : poem

You decided
to take that chance
And board
the hurricane;
I had no motive; no thought
but sparing you

Yet your opened up
my eyes
my feeling
And songs
I never knew
I sang

You think
No one loves you
you're mistaken

I never see you:poem

I never see you
but I feel you;
As you pass
these wily days
your meandering walk
your laugh and talk

I wish I'd see you
in my dreams
or on the lane
And touch
the happiness
That we knew then
When you were
a child Babe

Friday, July 25, 2008

Should Parents be Required to take CLasses? :Aol Wrters

Should Parents Be Required to Take Parenting Classes?

Sugar 1337 (Nicole) has told me that parents should be required to take parenting classes before they are allowed to parent!
Bea Gilmore, a wonderful teacher, joins Nicole in that idea!
I used to have a teacher in college who believed this too!
Please take some time to tell us what you think about this .
If you are currently writiing a journal,please leave your link too.
Oh and if you have some ideas on how we can get this to come about,
please write that too!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Fertility and SoyTogether Studies:Huh????

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July 23, 2008

According to Dr, Smith, who studied ninety males who took extraordinary amounts of soy, soy may have a detrimental affect on one's fertility .huh??????
Can you people help me out here? (pulling hairs...)
okokok (tries to calm down (smirk).... ummmm
is a sample of 90 men enough?
I goggled Dr. Smith to get more information guys ... he is in big time health conditioning, top trainer,etc  I could not get more information on his studies.
hmmmmmm...:0 What do you think?

Teen Parent Network and Judith Sachs

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NBC Today show
July 23, 2008

An NBC reporter mentioned that the number of teen jobs this summer is the lowest since 1958. They wanted parents to hear, however that teens will tell their parents that they do not want to do anything.They actually mean the opposite; they would like to travel with their parents, do projects at home or in the community, maybe even tart a family book club (wow! ) or volunteer locally to help others!
Ms. Sachs warned parents against nagging.
She said that it is crucial that we back teens in our society today.
She said anything is better than just leaving them parked in front of the computer or television all day! Go out and do stuff in nature, she admonished parents.
gain a new hobby; promote projects that the teen wants to do.
This was very interesting to me. My teen actually wants help on a project too.:)
I think we have to step up as parents and friends of teens because often their friends are out of town, moving, or too busy in their sport to help.(or dance or theater work).
What do you think? Do you know teens who would welcome this?
Please tell us.

Born Free actors Raise a Lion Cub

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June 21,2008

In 1969 John Rendell and Ace Berg Adopted Christian, a 35 ibs. lion cub from the London Zoo. They loved him and enjoyed playing with him. He became 185 ibs.
They consulted Adamson who is a conservationist and who had been in Born Free with them. Adamson worked with the lion cub and then released him to the wild in Kenya.
Apparently Adamsen told them Christina became the head of his own pride!
Rendell and Berg visited Adamson's camp. here outside the camp Christian reappeared and hugs both of them! He had grown up but still knew his roots!:):)
Please leave comments.

Bosnia War Criminal Radovan Karadzic Arrested

July 21,2008

Radovan Karadzic was arrested today. He was responsible for torturing and killing 10,000 or more Muslims during the Bosnia war.
The United Nations stepped up and demanded that Bosnia release him to the custody of the International Court in order for them to join the UN.It is  great for those of us who do not believe the brutal massacres that took place. Horrah!:)
Please leave your thoughts about this event and or Radovan Karadzic.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Columbia: There are Still Hundreds in Chains

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July 16,2008

There were three Americans who we were able to get released from jail in Columbia this past month. They said that they were chained together (two to one lock; neck lock) at night and during the day time, they worked for their captors on a leash with said chain that they carried around.
What do you make of this?
Also, in light of the recent release of three people do you think more people will be able to go? Please write your thoughts .

Stromatholites in Australia:Our First Oxygen!

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July 19,2008
Stromatholites created the first oxygen on the planet! They were living organisms that grew together 100 million years ago!The ones discussed on PBS were in Australia.
The oxygen that they produced formed the first protective shield around the earth! cool!
Would you want to go see these in Australia? :) I would :o
Please leave comment on what you think about them!
Has anyone seen the science fiction movie Cocoon? Well I think that those were the wonderful oxygen producing plants that become like rocks that the aliens were using!
Bryan Dennehey is really good in this one!

Dafur Officials Charged: International Court Steps up!

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July 25, 2008
The Week

The International Criminal Court charged Sudanese President Omar Al-Bashur with genocide against ethnic African tribes in Darfur and it has requested his arrest. Some 300,000 people have died in Darfur at his hands and 2 million have left their homes as refuges. Sudan;s Arab government has met with the Arab League . One League member called the indictment"a grave and inacceptable interference". The Court can only arrest Al-Basir if he leaves Sudan.
What do you think about this?
Please leave comments.
(For some time now Al-Basir has refused to let U.N. forces help these people.)

Venezuela:People protest lack of democracy in elections

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July 25, 2008
The Week
Mr. Chavez, the President of Venezuela has placed 272 opposition leaders on a blacklist  that prevents them from running for state and local offices in November.
this week 10,000 people protested Chavez's move. They walked to the Supreme Court building and they asked the Justices to lift this ban.
What a brave group of people!
What do you think about this situation?

Bad Parenting in Ireland?: What do you say?

July 25, 2008
The Week

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"Best Columns:Europe" Ireland
Ian O'Douherty
Irish Independant
"We all pay a price for bad parenting"

Mr. O'Douherty claims that Ireland is full of "unfit parents' who abuse their children. He talks about vicious verbal abuse that he personally has witnessed time and time again in Dublin.
He demands that the Irish government take more of an active stance in taking these children away from their negligent parents and doing a better job of screening foster parents.What do you think?

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Happy Fourth of July! What will you do to celebrate?

What will you do to celebrate!
I appreciate those forefathers who gave us these freedoms!

Nova's News: On Hydrogen Cars/ On RNA for illnesses

Hydrogen Cars/ RNA Discovery to Aid Gene Research
July 2, 2008
This Nova was stupendous! Great for kids too!:):)
The science of acquiring enough hydrogen for cars was explained as well as how it works in the car between hydrogen and oxygen trying to connect!
Nova says that it takes a termendous amount of hydrogen currently to get neought o run a car.
This appears to be a problem.
There is good news about RNA. Nova showed a story about how DNA is important in the cell. Apparently, there is a little "monk" who carefully writes out a prescription for RNA, characteristics for the cell, such as color, etc.
The scientists have discovered however that if the RNA does not appear to suit the DNA a "cop" will appear who will throw the criminal element out! Scientists hope to use the RNIF information now to weed out undesirable characteristics, like the ones that generate Alzheimer's for example by using the  cop and the  RNIF  information in a good way!:):):)
It could  really help!:):)
What do you think?
And do you like Knme?(Public tv) Nova?
What are your favorite educational channels? National Geographic? Animal Planet?

Will you buy a gun?

Will you buy a gun?
Weds. June 25, 2008
The Supreme Court just gave you the right to buy a gun to protect yourself at home and
to carry it around . uhhhhh.... will you buy one? If so what class will you take to make you proficient in this endeavor? Are you confident you can protect yourself?
If you are against this , why?

Taser Parties

Taser Parties

Tuesday, June 24, 2008
Would you host a taser party? CBS showed some women having a great party with
music, drinks and taser in designer colors and shapes!I thought it might be a great
deterent for single women or women who go out with other women at night.
I would like to get your opinion on them
As to their safety, is it safe enough to get instructions on their use with a "pretend'
demonstration or do you think that people should take classes  with them.
I wonder if men would want to own one as well.
What do you think?
Please tell us if you are in favor of them, or you hate them and why.