Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Nova's News: On Hydrogen Cars/ On RNA for illnesses

Hydrogen Cars/ RNA Discovery to Aid Gene Research
July 2, 2008
This Nova was stupendous! Great for kids too!:):)
The science of acquiring enough hydrogen for cars was explained as well as how it works in the car between hydrogen and oxygen trying to connect!
Nova says that it takes a termendous amount of hydrogen currently to get neought o run a car.
This appears to be a problem.
There is good news about RNA. Nova showed a story about how DNA is important in the cell. Apparently, there is a little "monk" who carefully writes out a prescription for RNA, characteristics for the cell, such as color, etc.
The scientists have discovered however that if the RNA does not appear to suit the DNA a "cop" will appear who will throw the criminal element out! Scientists hope to use the RNIF information now to weed out undesirable characteristics, like the ones that generate Alzheimer's for example by using the  cop and the  RNIF  information in a good way!:):):)
It could  really help!:):)
What do you think?
And do you like Knme?(Public tv) Nova?
What are your favorite educational channels? National Geographic? Animal Planet?


bgilmore725 said...

I understand only the very basics of DNA , that it is molecular, found in the cell, and is made of double helix of a series of linking bases (there are five of them)... beyond that, I have trouble following how it all works to influence heredity. Showing my lack of understanding on this one, probably why I'm not teaching high school biology or chemistry <grin>.  I enjoy public TV, Nova is a good program which I have watched over the years... I did not see the one about hydrogen cars, though. I love Nat Geo Channel, Discovery Channel... the Planet Earth in particular(photography is awesome on that show!). Also, Discovery Health Channel. Yes,  Animal Planet is good, as well. The Learning Channel (TLC) is another favorite of mine. bea

kamdghwmw said...

I love educational channels! I so want an electric car or something along that line.