Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Memorial Day Weekend:Honor Our Service men and Women


How will you guys celebrate this Memorial Day weekend?

And will you be thinking about our service men and women; both dead and alive, who give their all so that we can be safe and okay?

Let us know,

love, nat

p.s. picnics and barbeques anyone? WWII films? get togethers?

Memorial Day Weekend: Honor Our Service men and women



The Namesake: Wil you rent it or see it?

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This movie is out; it made me cry at least five times becasue it si deep, moving, and it concerns how a family will grow and cope as part of the family moves to New York after marraige in India and part must remain in India.

It includes beautiful footage both  here and in India and the acting and costumes have put it up for the Academy Awards.

So what do you think? Would you consider it?

Crazy Bosses by Bing: Do you Agree wiht Bing


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Bing claims what some people do in bullying, disaster seeking and putting others down brings the bully boss down too!

Hey guys, it's a thought! what do you think?

let us know!




Hula was danced by Men!: What do you think? You like?

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May 22, 2007

Phil Keogan was on CBS talking about how hula came from men in Hawaii's past. It was traditional. Keoghan was there during workouts that the men do for the Mary McNarty festival and he observed that men ahve to slice up their own palm skirts and there is a lot of hard work adn sweating! what do you think? do youmliek the idea od watching men do this dance for historical reasons? or do you stick with the women dancing/?

Please let us know! thanks!


Auki Reynolds claims that the dancing is spiritual, energy, strength and power that they offer from their dancing.



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Friday, May 18, 2007

What Favortie Birthday Tale can you Tell Us?:John Scalzi's assignments

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What Birthday Tale Can you Tell us: John Scalzi's Assignment

Tell us about your favorite birthday party!thanks!


for me it was the roller skating parties...you know, fun people, good music, junk food, cake... singing and running into people!

okay! your turn!




What Songs Really Light You Up:John Scalzi's Assignments

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What music do you like the most? Please tell us!

As you can see , many typs of music light me up!

nat p.s. I ran out of space! rock and roll, jazz and classical fit in here too!
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A book for Moms : What do you Think?

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A Book for Moms: What do you think?


May 18, 2007

"I was a Really Good Mom Until I had These Kids"

The CBS reporter interviewed the suthor of this book and sahe was really funny!:):) She talked about issues that many mothers face and take seriously; and ones that they msut develop their own perspective on.

Many mothers , it seems, think that other momsare doing a better job.The author (Ms. Ashworth) says that you can make some choices here as amother. For example, a mother can decide  to;"make peace with your choice of standards as a mother."

She says another thing a mother can do is ;"make a date with your kids to spend some special one on one time with them."

Another author, Quinlan, says that society does  not want to hear about the stress that mothers experience. She said that blogging is alot about expressing the difficulties of notherhood to others and getting feedback.

What do you think about what these two say? What is your view? And so You think that mothers and fathers are not supported by society because they do not want to know about the stress?Does blogging help you oversoem the stress?Let us know!




Do you think Colleges Reward Students who Lie to get In?: Be Honest!



May 18, 2007


Do You think Colleges Accept Lies From Students who try to get in?


Ms. Norman, A formidable college counselor , was interviewed by CBS about the college admissions process. It was revealing because she said that many kids cheat. In her opinions, more students should be honest and not cheat .

"I'd rather take a kid with lower scores who is honest," she said.

She continued:"If you get caught, why risk it? It's okay to have a weakness.. just address it head on ... I knew one student who ahd one bad grade. She explained why it had happened and treated it like an anomaly ..she went on to get a full scholarship!"

Norton is the Director of My College Counselor.

She said:Students are not honest enough. They have to be."

Please let us know how you feel about what Norton has said; and do you agree or disagree? Why or why not?


hugs, nat


Alpha Moms:Are you One or Do You Know One?

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Alpah Moms:Are you One or Do you Know One/


Thursday, May 17, 2007

According to CBS, Alpha Moms are new trendsetters. They and their kids are geeks full tilt and they celebrate it! The Alpha Mom views new products , such as new fun video games and new fun computer gadgets and she and her kdis check out the product , try it, and then call and email all of the other moms in her area to let them know about the product!

They could even get special deals from corporations if you know what I mean.

so... are you an Alpha Mom (or Alpha Dad?)

If nto, do you have anyone like this in your circle of friends?

Would you want to be this person?

Would you want to ask this person for advice on toys and gadgets?

Please let us know!:):)

I'm dying of curiosity here!


p.s. Please answer this too even if you are not a parent.




Tuesday, May 8, 2007

There is a new planet which may be a place where humans can live!

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The Week

May 13-26, 2007

A new planet has been identified that can support life, that can have water, that is not too hot or too cold... so what do you think? Will people be able to live there in the future if we can get them there?

Please tell us your Opinion: Dragon:The Story of Bruce Lee

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What do you think about Bruce Lee and this movie about his life? Did you know about his courageous life; fighting political difficulties at home, fighting paralyzing effects of an injury to full recovery, and thne travelling wiht his family to amke films in China and in thailand agasint all odds?

Let me know.



Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Please comment on the book "Mommys Wars"

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Montel, CBS

May 1, 2007

Montel hosted a writer, a mom and a law professor, Linda Hershman, who wrote a book about the disparity between working moms and stay at home moms. She said when she started the project she wanted to point out all of the bad things that stay at home moms do..when she interviewed them,things changed.

In the show Montel featured moms who had different points of view about a few things about mother hood.

Please leave us comment about these questions:

1. should children be spanked or not? when?

2. should moms breast feed or not? how long?

3.can moms have happy hour together with their babies? why or why not?

4. how do you feel about working ?

5. please leave your opinions and your links!:)



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