Monday, August 28, 2006

A Requiem For A Love Lost

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A Requiem for a Love Lost

"It's dark now...

Will you

turn on he light?"

"Don't worry,

I'll stay by you

all night..."

"I'm cold now...

will you

hold me tight?"

"Don't worry;

here ; is this alright?"

"I'm so hot... my fever...

it won't let me go..."

"Don't worry, I'll cool you

Feel the chill of the water?"

"When I'm gone,

you'll forget me..."

"shhh... here

snuggle up

in my arms

"Ill always miss you...;

But I'll always see you...

In the woods, by the beach,

and as far

as my imagination

can reach

For our love

Has embraced

it all!"



Katrina Visions, Part II

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Katrina Visions, Part II


August 26,2006

CBS reporters announced that the Beacon of Hope organisations around New Orleans are helping returning families tap resources for help with special rebuilding concerns, such as; raising an existing house so that it can be rebuilt, and setting up proper draingag and sewage system  contacts with the help of people within this organisation.This community resource has truly been great.

What do you think?

Would you want a community resource in your town?

Katrina Visions, Part I

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Katrina Visions


August 26,2006

CBS has been airing Katrina stories in honor of the anniversary of Katrina; stories of despair mixed with hope.

I wanted to write about two of their reports .

The first story is about Mr. Hardy Jackson , who could not hold onto his wife and stay afloat during the flood. She bravely said:"Let me go. Promise me that you will go back and take care of the children and the grandchildren." He finally agreed. "I will." And sadly, he let his wife go. He and the entire family was relocated to Atlanta, Georgia; where a generous donor gave them a house. He is grateful that he has the children and grandchildren together; however,he still grieves over his wonderful wife.

What extraorodinary courage and devotion!Have yuo ever known anyone who would give this much to help her family?

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Watch Ernesto as it Heads Towards Florida

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Northern Trip


August 26,2006

Watch Ernesto as it Heads Towards Florida

A tropical storm named Ernesto is travelling around Cuba and heading towards Florida.

Guido (Pharmolo of Northern Trip blog) has been writing about predictions about this storm ; which can be discovered at

A tropical storm watch is in effect from Florida(Choholoshee to Bonita Beach).

A hurricane watch is in effect from north of Bonita on the coast to Englewood.

What do you think?

Will we be spared this time?


Go Visit CarniVAOL!

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Go Visit CarniVAOL

You will love all of the articles!

There are lots of ineresting entries!

I'll see you there!



Sunday, August 27, 2006

Guggenheim to Build its' Largest Museum Abroad!

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Guggenheim to Build Its' Largest Museum Ever In the Capital of United Arab Emirates


The Week

July 28,2006

Frank Gehry, who designed teh Guggenheim Bilbao in Spain is teh designed of the new 300,000 square foot museum and Thomas Krens says this will give the Guggenheim foundation  more reason to become invloved in the Middle East.

the GUggenheim Abu Dhabi will sit on top of and Island which is called Saadiyat or "isle of happines".It is hoped that Abu Dhabi will become a center of tourism, with the museum, a golf  course and hotels and restaurants.

Abu Dhabi's toursim department will fund it and he Guggenheim in New York will manage it!

Wow! Talk about outsourcing!

So will you visit one day? Please leave us some comments!TY

Jeffrey Archer : A Review of Twelve Red Harrings

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Jeffrey Archer: A Review of Twelve Red Herrings

Jeffrey Archer went to Oxford University and he served in England's parliament for nineteen years.

He's a brilliant writer who never fails to please!

This book is  quick read and it has several short stories in it about red herrings!It's  a lot of fun!


Embryonic Stem Cell Research: Should A new Bill Pass?

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Embryonic Stem Cell Research: Should a new bill Pass?

The Week

July 28,2006

The Senate is wondering whether it can pass a bill (or perhaps some Senators want a bill) which would allow reserachers to access some 400,000 embryos that are currently not used in fertility centers in freezers...

This is the upswing and please comment on that .

Now, for the speculation, National Review has journalists jointly quoted in my article and it says that stem-cell researchers want a green light to clone embryos en masse! So what do you think?




Who were Your Heroes when you were a child?


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Who were your Heroes When You Were a Child?

I was emailing some JLanders and I hope all Jlanders who visit will comment!:):)

Who were the heroes who made your day as a kid? Did they change as you matured? Did you add to the list? tell us please!

I found Florence Nightengale, Ghandi, Boy Dylan,

Winston Churchhill, and Rudard Kipling to top my list growing about you?

Friday, August 25, 2006

Quick Write Three things About You...

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Quick Write Three Things About You

Quick write three things about yourself that your mother or father said about you.

Then, write three things that your friends say about you.

umm....(thinking...looks up)

Ok ... here are mine...

could be... very thoughtful

could be... naughty


And my friends?:)




Your Turn!


Gee I love you

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Gee I love you

your face dances

across my view

your eyes sparkle;

you sway and wiggle

and you start smiling!

you wiggle and giggle

and give it

your all...

And suddenly

I tension


my heart


and my feelings know

that I love you

without being


My Ideal Town

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Introduction- (John Scalzi, our journals' teacher, gave us the assignment to write about very atttractive things about our home towns.You may write that below or leave us a link to that entry; or you may write about what would be in your ideal town.)

My Ideal Town

My ideal town would have a large lake with lots of fish!Kids would be able to go fishing when they were free...

There would be creative and funny activities for adults and children alike.

There would be a great beach to walk on and there would be mountain trails to hike up.

People would reach out and help other people and try to make life less suffering.

The city council would actually listen to what people wanted in theri town and try to help them. The school principals would actually try to help kids and he or she would really have the time and consideration to talk to parents and teachers.

Hey is this your town????  if it is, let me know! I want to go!

What kind of things make up your ideal town and what would people do there? Please tell us!

What do you think about the new Plan B pill?

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What do you think about the new Plan B pill?


August 24, 2006

The FDA has decided to allow people 18 and over to buy the morning after pill; which means that people this age who did get pregnant would eb able to terminate the pregnancy up to 3 days after getting pregnant. It prevents the egg from being able to attach to the wall of the uterus the journalist said.

So do you think it is a good medicine to have available?

Should it be available only to this age? older?younger?

Let us know what you think.


Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Go Visit Danielle's Blog "Danielle's Diary"

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Go Visit Danielle's blog; "Danielle's Diary"


Go visit Danielle's journal.

It is about a seventeen year old woman who moved to London . She was a language major in Wales; but she is taking a break to do exams next year.She just go a job working in the underground in an office in London.

She talks about missing her family and friends  back home and making new friends in London.

She would love to hear from you.She is a very dynamic, brave and enterprising young woman.