Sunday, October 29, 2006

Go Visit the New Journal TNT!

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Go and Visit the New Journal TNT

The Journaler is a good writer and a mother to two girls and four stepchildren.Her Journal is interesting and she says it is a journal of time and thoughts.

She says that the youngest of the kids are starting high school ; while the eldest are starting college.

They live in Maryland and she is very friendly!

Sugar (Sugarsweet056) introduced me to her journal.

Thank you Sugar!

Friday, October 27, 2006

The Book Tag By Charlie, Dawn and Paul

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The Book tag by Charlie, Dawn and Paul

Jump in!

A bookish tag!

1. Grab the nearest book. If you are currently reading something, that'll be fine too.

2. Open the book to page 123.

3. Find the fifth sentence.

4. Post the text of the next 4 sentences on your Blog along with these instructions.

5. Don't you dare dig for that "cool" or "intellectual" book in your closet I know that is what you were thinking!

6. Tag 5 people
"They chased me all the way to the Ferry. I have never got over the fright - though I daresay the beasts knew their business and would not really have touched me. Pippin laughed. 'Well, it's time you made it up. Especially if you are coming back to live in Bucklad. Old Maggot is really a stout fellow - if you leave his mushrooms alone.'"

Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

I tag: Amanda, Laura, Nat, Patrick, Paul

OK ! from Robert Ludlum, "The Janson Directive"


"It saved lives!"

"Did it?One shipment of arms seized.To be replaced by another. shipped elsewhere.I suppose it keeps the prices high and the dealers well paid."

"Theo didn't think so."Janson said softly.


You can do this too!




Baby Lucy : Intact Skeleton of Old Human Found

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The Week

October 8,2006

National Georgraphic

Baby Lucy: Intact Skeleton of Ancient Humanoid Found

Baby Lucy was found recently in Ethiopia and she is 3.3 million years old! She is 150,000 years older than Lucy the dinosaur!

Lucy walked upright and she died ina flash flood. She had long arms to climb through the trees with and her voice would have been fairly deep.

Wow! Lucy is old huh!

What do you think of Baby Lucy?

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Teen Finds A Fossil Bird Skull 15 million Years Old

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Teen Finds a Fossil Bird Skull 15 Million Years Old

Los Angeles Times

"Teen Finds fossil skull of big bird"

by Robert Lee Hotz

A teen in Argentina found this huge skull and it is probably the biggest bird ever known! It was ten feet tall and it didnot fly according to reserachers at the Natural Museum of History of Los Angeles on October 25th.

The skull has a crule beak the researcher said; liek the extinct terror birds and these birds used to weigh 400 pounds. Thye ate huge rodents in South America "sheep size".

GUillermo Aguirre-Zabiala found this skull out by rocks in his native village east of Bariloche in Argentina.

So who knows?

Tell us what you think.

What was your favorite discovery growing up?


Mexico's Drug Cartels Engage in War and Danger Our Border

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Mexico's Drug Cartels Engage in War and Endanger Our Borders

New York Times

Thursday, October 26,2006

"With Beheadings and Attacks, Drug Gangs Terrorize Mexico" by JamesC.McKinley

McKinley states that the level of brutality and violence seen in Mexico now is far worse than it had been in the past. More than 123 law enforcement people have been kidnapped, among them 2 judges and 3 prosecuting attorneys. There has been beheadings and raids on law enforecment stations with bazookas and grenades.Five police officers were among those beheaded.

The police, says MsKinely, point to theire progress in pulling down the major crime families so that theyare now scrambling to take back control of the territory that they used to have.

This is what CNN and other stations have been referring to when they have spoken about "controlling and preventing crime from entering the US aaaat the borders..." or "preventing our border problems from escalating"... in other words people ther are very dangerous people trying to get into the States from Mexico's borders.

What do you think we shoudl do about it/ Tell us please.


CT Scans Might Save Lives: What do you think?

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New York Times

Thursday, October 26, 2006

"Early Detection With CT Scans May Save Lives" by Gina Kolata

CT Scans Might Save Lives: What do you Think?

Kolata says that researchers at the New York-Presbyterian Hospital say many lives can be saved by finding lung cancer early on in thse scans.

Lung cancer is still the leading cancer in this country according to many researchers ; killing about 160,000 people a year.

Researchers predicted that more than 80 percent would live at least another ten years if their cancer was caught early.

This study group included more than 31,00 people in seven countries according to the Journal of New England medicine.

What do you think? are CTs a valuable test to have?

Let us know!



New Jersey Backs Rights for Gays To Have A Civil Union: Do you Agree?Tell us

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"New Jersey Court Backs Full Rights For Gay Couples"

"But Justices Direct Legislature To Decide on Issue of Marriage"

by David W. Chen

New Jersey Opens the Door To Civil Unions For Gays: Is this Okay? Are you on Board?

New York Times

October 26,2006

According to Mr. Chen,

New Jersey Supreme Court decided that Gay couples have the right to civil unions like heterosexual couples do; with the tuition assistance in college, workman's compensation in emplyment situations and special privileges in trials.

Chen said that

this was done apparently to satisfy the legal rights people who had addressed rights issues with this court. This act did not cover grounds for calling the couples married. The Supreme Court wants our Congress to decide this.

Chen tells us further that

three Democratic senators apparently who work with Garden State Equality,  gay rights group, said that Congress will approve gay marriage with their help very soon.

I had been told about the legal rights issue and I do understand this.

What is your opinion about the marriage issue? Are these senators representing you?Are you on board?And what religion do you suppose this covers?




What do you think of Same Sex Charter Schools?

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What Do you Think of Same Sex Charter Schools?

CBS October 26,2006

There is a growing consensus in public schools that same sex schools might be a fairer, more rigorous way for middle school and upper school students to learn.

Some states allow for this type of charter school.

Do you think it is effective?

Tell us.


Starbucks: Got Literacy?Features Mitch Album

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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Starbucks:Got Literacy? Features Mitch Album

Starbucks featured Mitch Album's book for sale in their stores.The author of the book had agreed to granting Starbucks this right if they would donate money to literacy from the book sales. One dollar from every book sale goes to a national literacy association.

So... if you liked the book would you buy it thinking that you were helping the cause? What do you think?


What is your Favorite Halloween Costume?(Scalzi's assignment)

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What is Your Favorite Halloween Costume?

(Scalzi's assignment)

My favorite costume would be the Ninja Turtles! These wonderful Super Heroes have been a big hit with my kids for a long time!:)They always liked the stories ; in them a teen would become empowered and helped by such a turtle and overcome obstacles in this ever changing world!

My teen did not have such a costume; he made one last year!:)He added a plastic sword and he was set!

OKay now it is your turn! Tlle us about your favorite costume! And keep in mind: it can be yours, your kids' costume, your grandkids 'costume, anybody you know's costume! lol! So let us know who rocks and why...TY


Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Movies: Will you rent or go see the Queen? How About Casino Royale?

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Will You rent or go see Casino Royale? How about the Queen?

I'm so curious! I'm curious!Will you go and see (or rent) the movie with the new 007? Why or why not?

He looks dashing doesn't he! Or do you prefer the old one? Sean Connery or who?

And the new movie: the Queen!

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Do you want to see it? Are you fond of Queen Elizabeth? Do you think she portrays her well?


So Far, Bones Triumph Overthe Tower Building: JLanders are dismayed

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Bones Triumph Over the Tower Building Building: At Least So Far In Jland

So far we have tow or three Jlanders siding with the Tower building! The rest are all for restoring the bones of loved ones to their families. Some people have said that they understand that this building is in the heart of NYC; however, many still feel that, since it should have been cleared then, It should be cleared of bones now.

It is interesting to realise that the Port Authority police and workers wanted to finish the job long ago; but this is a split authority situation, becasue theyw ere only allowed to clear up the site. NYC police were in charge after the rubble was cleared and the mayors ahve asked them to stop digging.

If you want you cna make comments to Mayor Bloomberg. Just email WFHBear for the link.

Please leave any more comments here about the situation, the victims or survivors or anything else pertinent and thanks for caring guys! You're the best!


Monday, October 23, 2006

9/11/Bones to Surface: Hope for Burials?

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9/11 Bones to Surface: Is There Hope for Survivors to Bury Them?

Dawn, Princess Aurora is upset tonight...

You see she was told as other were that all of the bones had been found (or as much as existed).

Now that people have started building the new building on the 9/11 site, many more skulls, arms, etc. have been discovered. Survivors have asked Mr. Boomberg, the mayor of New York, to allow the bones to be retrieved and identified and constrauction to stop until retrieval is complete. No says the mayor... this is just a minor interruption...huh?

Please write down your comments here and at Dawn's journal:javascript:openBlogThis(', 'Please Speak for these Honored Dead');


Saturday, October 21, 2006

Tell Us Your About Favorite Halloween or Spooky music (Scalzi's assignment)

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Tell us About Your Favorite Halloween or Your Favorite Halloween Music

(Scalzi's assignment)

I know some of you must have some doozies!Woooooooo!!!!! Spooky!

I guess David Bowie in Labrynth is my pick! lol!

I remeber that there is an old "Graveyard Party" song about a dance with ghosities that some station plays here every Halloween..

And one Halloween my brother and sister and I went to the graveyard up the street " to see if we could do it!"LOL!hehehehe.. ummm.. I really wasn't scared of ghosts, more of live people but my brother thought that sppoks might bounce on him!:) We went though; and despite the goosebumps everything went okay!

Ok it's your turn!Please tell us your stories!