Thursday, October 26, 2006

Mexico's Drug Cartels Engage in War and Danger Our Border

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Mexico's Drug Cartels Engage in War and Endanger Our Borders

New York Times

Thursday, October 26,2006

"With Beheadings and Attacks, Drug Gangs Terrorize Mexico" by JamesC.McKinley

McKinley states that the level of brutality and violence seen in Mexico now is far worse than it had been in the past. More than 123 law enforcement people have been kidnapped, among them 2 judges and 3 prosecuting attorneys. There has been beheadings and raids on law enforecment stations with bazookas and grenades.Five police officers were among those beheaded.

The police, says MsKinely, point to theire progress in pulling down the major crime families so that theyare now scrambling to take back control of the territory that they used to have.

This is what CNN and other stations have been referring to when they have spoken about "controlling and preventing crime from entering the US aaaat the borders..." or "preventing our border problems from escalating"... in other words people ther are very dangerous people trying to get into the States from Mexico's borders.

What do you think we shoudl do about it/ Tell us please.



pharmolo said...

Saw an item on the news a few days back about a spate of killings in Ciudad Juarez of women. Mexico sure sounds like a lawless place, but you'll never sure up your border. It's a sieve.

lurkynat said...

dear Guido,
ah! But we have to do better my friend

lurkynat said...

Here is what I am saying. We have the moral obligation as Americans and btw Canadians to prevent drug cartel wars from expanding and to prevent the drug lords tunnels from expanding. It is probably difficult to imagine the horror sometimes since yuo don't live here but it is immense and we cannot jsut open up our families to that horror.

ravenjuiced said...


lurkynat said...

Dear Fred,
Your comments are interesting...And some people over time have been interested in doing that... I would like to know how you would propose legalizing the drugs adn then how you would propose preventing immature teens and college kids from taking these drugs once legal! thanks!

sugar1337 said...

The U.S. has plenty of resources if they brought troops home from overseas to protect those borders until they can find something better to do.  Maybe a better fencing system?   Maybe harsher punishments for people that come over here illegally?  I don't know.  As someone said maybe Mexico should make some drugs legal there for many other countries have pulled themselves out of crime problems and the like by decriminalizing certain drugs.  Whatever is going to happen though is going to take awhile and it is going to get worse before it will even start getting better.

sugarsweet056 said...

We must do more, but what is the question. This war continues to rage.

ravenjuiced said...

Okay Nat, I actually intended my coment for Mexico specifically. They have a problem with these drug lords, they can't outspend them, i.e. the drug lords get better equipment, they get better hired guns, they get better information.

I'm not good at many things, but the thing I am used for the most, the thing I make my livelyhood on is tactics, and I don't see this war being won with the current tactics, and neither the US or Mexico can spen enough money to put a stop to this without cripling themselves in other vital areas.

My tactic would be to legalize it to take the money away from thosee that have it now, that would generate enough revenue to make the health care, treatment of, rehabilitation centers etc.. to be free to those who want it. I'll use a J-Lander as an example, someone like Jenn could then seek rehab and it would be offered to her for free.

As for kids, that's a fight that has been lost for generations. I know first hand with my own drug use that there will be experimenting. It happens now, and it would happen if it was legalized. Obviously age limits would be set, but they would be broken, just like they are broken now with the alcohol use. I honestly believe that THAT portion of society would see the smallest impact.

Once the money is removed from those who are ruthless and have the power now, then and only then could other measures be considered.

lifesabench6 said...

I think the border situation is an atrocity!  I know there's millions of people who want to live here (so not everyone hates the USA), but come LEGAL!  I'm so tired of hearing about these poor immigrants- they are poor illegals.  Then there's the drug runners, human smugglers and your average criminal coming back and forth- they kill a cop here, then high tail it back down.  They come here, get in car crashes and kill people, then get sent back- only to return.  I know there are many more who are decent folks wanting a better life, but come here the same way I did, and millions of others do- come legally!  As for the border patrol- they need to be able to do their jobs without fear of getting sentenced to prison if they shoot someone!!!  They are, after all, law enforcement.  If they tell someone to stop, but are ignored, they should have every right to use force- especially if someone's in danger.  Law abiding US citizens who own property along the border should have the right to live without fear of someone trespassing or comitting crimes on their property.  We need the fence NOW!  Sorry Nat- this one gets me hot!  Carolyn

lurkynat said...

Dear Everyone,
I wanted ot mention here how much I appreciate you caring about this problem , whihc I think is significant . It impacts Emxican people, wo need a decent life, and it impacts who and waht is coming here through the cartels. Iw ant to know what you think about the fact that the Mexican govenment does not care about the people and will not consider legalizing drugs, helping the poor with welfare, supplementing poor housing, supplementing insurance funding or anything liek that.
What will it take to you think to have a decent and real dialogue with this other minded group?Let us know!

rebuketheworld said...

Very scary....the sad part about living in a country with little water or food is one will do what he can to survive...lots of money to be made in dealing drugs..When you live in such have no hope...

wouldnt be surprised if Mexico had a coup anytime soon...-Raven

springangel235 said...

Wow, this is a subject that is strong...more needs to be done...that is for sure.  The power these druglords have is something, but they can be taken down by the right combo US..and Canada...can do it...but it will take time...hope the job gets done...take care...

monponsett said...

Legalize cocaine, and they'd all be broke in a month.