Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Movies: Will you rent or go see the Queen? How About Casino Royale?

Google did the pictures

Will You rent or go see Casino Royale? How about the Queen?

I'm so curious! I'm curious!Will you go and see (or rent) the movie with the new 007? Why or why not?

He looks dashing doesn't he! Or do you prefer the old one? Sean Connery or who?

And the new movie: the Queen!

Google did the pictures

Do you want to see it? Are you fond of Queen Elizabeth? Do you think she portrays her well?



sugarsweet056 said...

I seldom go out to movies, due to the cost plus the fact it's hard for me to get around. I may go once every 3 mos or so. I want to see both of these, but will prob see on DVD.

readmereadyou said...

I'll rent "The Queen." I won't see the other movie because I haven't liked 007 since Sean Connery. When he left, I never saw another of those movies. Don't know why. I guess, to me, he was James Bond. : )

sugar1337 said...

I won't probably see either.  I liked Pierce Bronsnad (or however you spell his name) as 007.  And the Queen movie just doesn't hold any true appeal for me.

ravenjuiced said...


wfhbear said...

The only Bond that I acknowledge is Sean Connery. I probably won't bother to see it. Regards, Bill.

lifesabench6 said...


bgilmore725 said...

James Bond movie, definitely will go see the movie on the big screen... love those kind of movies on big screen with all the speakers and surround sound, etc. Not sure about the Queen... depends. If it comes to my $2 a ticket theater, I'll go see it there, if not, I'll rent it. Casino Royale, maybe rent. bea

bgilmore725 said...

BTW, I haven't been disappointed by any of the James Bond picks...they've each added their own signatures to the character. All have been handsome and nice to look at, and all have had wonderful voices. But I did favor Sean Connery, I suppose. I don't think this new fellow will disappoint either.  bea