Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Yerba Mate':good for you: would you drink it?: it helps save rain forest people

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Yerba Mate: Guayaki Company

Would you drink a tea if you knew it helps the people in the rainforest sustain themselves and keep the rainforest intact? Yerba mate does that and Guayaki writes in its' tea boxes about the work that their company does with the rainforest and its' people.It uses the second largest rainforest in Paraguay. The amount of antioxcidants is huge; much larger than in other drinks.

This is another link which shows that Argentenians also drink the Herba mate' in those gourds with the family all around them! It has become avery social drink for sharing with friend and family.

So tell us ; would you try it?




Dutch Producers Offer a Kidney Competition for a Game show: Is this Ethical?

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Dutch Producers Provide a Show That Awards Kidneys to Winners ; As a Hoax: Do you Approve?


On June 2, 2007 these producers talked people in Holland into beleiveing that one contestant would win a kidney.

They did this because there are virtually not many kidney donations in Holland at the moment and they wanted to raise public awarness and governmental awareness of this problem.

They were able to get 12,000 people interested in returning papers to donate kidneys.

Is this method ethical? Should Merican proucers try it for critical shortfalls in our medical world?

tell us what you think!


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Urban Cactus: The New Ecological High Rise in Holland!

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Urban Cactus: the New Ecological Highrise in Holland!

Rotterdam has rushed to the forefront of ecological experiments  with its' urban cactus!What do you make of it?

Do you think it makes us think more about respecting the environment? Do you think it might be ecologically sucha great statement? Or do you find it trite and meaningless? let us know!