Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Dutch Producers Offer a Kidney Competition for a Game show: Is this Ethical?

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Dutch Producers Provide a Show That Awards Kidneys to Winners ; As a Hoax: Do you Approve?


On June 2, 2007 these producers talked people in Holland into beleiveing that one contestant would win a kidney.

They did this because there are virtually not many kidney donations in Holland at the moment and they wanted to raise public awarness and governmental awareness of this problem.

They were able to get 12,000 people interested in returning papers to donate kidneys.

Is this method ethical? Should Merican proucers try it for critical shortfalls in our medical world?

tell us what you think!


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pharmolo said...

Hi Nat,
This is a wee bit old news. It was a hoax. Sorry.
By the way, I did NOT get an alert for this entry - AOHell again.
Anyways, nice to have you back, missed your entries.


lurkynat said...

Dear Guido,
Thanks awfully much for this !
ummm... Actually, it did air (even though they lied) according to CBS news here!
The point that the producers were making was that they were in dire straits and someone needed to get off their duff and do something!
They got 12,000 applications from potential donors as a result of this show! Amazing eh?

pharmolo said...

Aha. I'll learn to read.
Shock tactics - yes, as long as it's not carried out for real.

sunnyside46 said...

It was pretend...a publicity stunt.
I was appalled

sugarsweet056 said...

I understand it was for shock value, not real. they aired it to draw attention to need for donors.
But, if it were for real...NO!

princesssaurora said...

I think it is a sad commentary on the state of healthcare...

be well,

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klconard1 said...

This must be another situation where they believed the end justifies the means, a common humanistic pitfall.  Is there not a way to raise awareness of the organ donor shortage without raising someone's hopes with false promises?  It seems cruel to me.
loving you

kamdghwmw said...

I think this game show is a little strange. I am all for organ donation, and I am a donor. I want every working part of my body to go to someone that can use it.

cayasm said...

The game show was a hoax, it was done to show the shortage of donors.


sugar1337 said...

The other people said it was a hoax, however it seems the intention was good to bring about awareness to an issue even if the means of delivery was a bit different.  But with the way most of society loves reality tv, something like this could work.