Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Network for Good

Network for Good

John Scalzi,blogger of By The Way blog, our notorious blog leader has talked about New Orleans and the surrounding area and all of the trouble that they are in now due to the hurricane Katrina.He has suggested that we may want to give money to the Red Cross at 1800 HELP NOW or

or we could look up Network for Good, a group that posts a very informative site with lots of buttons! The buttons are great becasue they list different shelters,non profit charities , services and information on conditions there in New Orleans. Worth a look....                              

Friday, August 26, 2005

A Story/ Coach is mean to me

Coach is mean to me

He said this to me and he turned his tear stained eyes to the wall."I'm not going back, unless he's nicer to me." he said.

I looked over at this face and seeing the pain registered there I asked what had taken place.

"No matter what happens he blames it on me. The other boys do the same things and I am the one who gets balled out...  The last time he got mad at me the whole team had to do sit ups."

"I see", I said."But you have to go back."

We went on, back and forth, until I called the head caoch and tried to explain to him that my son was a perfectionist and that he was discouraged because according to the coach his performance was not perfect.This troubled me and unless he could encourage and motivate him as well as disciplining him, my son could not continue.He said he would talk to the other coach and come up with a plan.

The next day was wonderful  ! My son was motivated to keep on playing and the coach was happy to have him on the team. The coach smiles more now too..

Favorite things

What are your favorite things?

Marti wants us to talk about our favorite things. My favorite hobbies are reading sports travel and movies.Fresh air is tremendously important to your body.

 I admire loyalty in a friend and caring.

I think that love is very essential to every person.I love children.

Many times, adults who have a garden will point to a flower, tell you what it's called and where they bought it. A child will take you to the flower, show you all of the pedals and the center and explain to you very seriously how important it is.

Now you can add your thoughts too.

Seeing Double-Sclazi's Old Man War challenges the senses

Seeing Double- Scalzi's Old Man's War challenges the senses.

Old man meets eternal life in Old Man's War;  John Scalzi's recently published book. In it the hero has the good fortune of being able to exchange his body with a twenty year old body that has his own brain wave patterns (for thinking) and it has smart blood; that is blood that is highly oxygenated to handle all of the stress it will encounter. It also has a brain ban that will remind it of information it needs to know and help it locate things like say, cities or a battle site.

The book is highly entertaining.

How about you? When you get into your later years, say 70s or 80s would you like modern medicine to replace some of your major body parts? Would you prefer to be cloned entirely? Your thoughts please.


What would I like ?

What would I Like?

John asked us what we would like to have albeit not necessary items and would said items make us happy..

ahem...well a super computer is looking mighty nice John...I would do so many things with it... for one thing it could open most sources for information anywhere.. for another thing... maybe it could reinvent itself as you do John!:)

Another thing I would like is enough money to have a world class orphanage that I could help run so people could get attended to in a nice fashion.

I would also like to have a school that is international with children from all over the globe.

Would it make me happy? What is happiness John?... Do you have a current definition? It would please me and I would definately feel good were these things to appear! Cheers!:)

Monday, August 22, 2005

Two Years of Journal land

It's been two years Hip hip Hoera!

Thanks to all of you who have been supportive of me here in J Land! You are great people and I appreciate you!

Thank you to our leader John Scalzi too!

Lots of inspiration there!

I like the fact that we listen to each other and that we are supported -the one to the other.

I have a journal entry about that "Sticking up for your beliefs". It is so cool that we all have different ideas and different styles !It is cool  that we all respect one another!

Warm fuzzies all around!

hugs, natalie

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Blocking adds on your cell phone

Blocking Adds On your Cell

I received an interesting email from my cousins' mother. Apparently one month from last Monday, companies will start to solicit your business on you cell phone as per Congress just now permitting that!Please call this number (it's no charge).

888/382-1222. It is the National DO NOT CALL list. It stops companies from delivering adds to your cellphone;

something that will be possible about 30 days from Monday. It is effective for five years Wowsers!

Oh and you must call from your cell phone and register each one from that cell individually-remember. hugs!!! nata

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Oral Histories of 911

Oral Histories of 911

Hi guys :)!

Hey John Scalzi, our illustrious journal leader, brought up a painful subject on a blog and I thought that everyone in Journal land should think about it...

If you want to review what he said it's:http:/ theway/entries/4585 and he he quotes The NY Times about his subject: Witness to History, the oral histories of fireman,policemen,and emergency workers of 911. It would seem that soem powers to be in New york decided to publish these oral histories (release them to the public).

What do you think? Do you think we should and what for?

I was fortunate to be able to buy a book from a photographer who came here and he had made huge photos of these guys and had ashow with their pictures and some comments that they gave him as heroes. They are heroes people.

What  do you think?

I think that we could gain form a review of what communication links worked and where we all could give more support as far as the organizations are but not focus on people.This is becasue I think organizationally we could problem solve about who needs better relay systems or computers,etc.

My friend here dragonrose637 pointed out that her husband is a fireman and it could be bad for some of the individual workers to hear these stories and have other people hear them.Let me know...

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Leo Buscaglia's writings on loving

Buscaglia on Loving Each Other

Buscaglia is a great speaker about love.He says that"a loving relationship is like an ideal 'home' within it you can totally be yourself, be accepted, understood,trusted and respected as a valuable being.It is a nurturing environment where effort is made to provide enough caring and security so that one can share hopes and fears and where one is encouraged to learn and grow."

He goes on in his book"Loving Each Other" to say thatgood,clear communication is the key to create and maintain loving realtionships, but that it is very difficult for people to have good communication because they find it embarrassing and threatening to communicate our love, one to another.

It talks about greeting those whom we love with a warm touch and a kind word.

He talks about how sometimes as people we have difficulty in forgiving those people who have wronged us personally becasue we still harbor guilt about our own failings that we got from our parents...Sheesh!

please leave me a comment about what you think about Buscaglia's work... and...what do you think has helped you maintain a loving life/perspective?

For me, it has been belief in love of my parents and belief in a higher light and order in the universe.That,a four leaf clover and friends...

Monday, August 15, 2005

Big Kudoes for Schindler's List

Big Kudoes for Schindler's List

It was a beautiful evening in my friends' garden and both of them had set out a sumptuous feast for their guests.I was enjoying my soda water; staring dreamily at their pines and flowers which were cozily shrouded in mist.It was my turn...

"We saw Schindler's List...I hadn't wanted to see it because I thought it might have been gory, but it wasn't too gory...Danny had wanted us to see it..."

"Oh,"she said."We went with our whole family to see it."

"Oh." I said.

My other good freind turned to face me.

"I was in a camp as a child,"he said.

(Wow I thought).

"Really Sam?"looking over at him...

"You never said.." "How awful for you!" I frowned, feeling terrible for him and his family.

"How old were you?" I asked.

"Nine." he said.

"Of the thousands who went into the camp, very few survived.Of the many children who went in, very few lived through it."

I looked at him, sad and dumbfounded.

"Gosh Sam, I'm really sorry..."

"We went back to see it after the war.

The buildings that we had lived in were totally delapidated and torn up.There was a building called Hotel Smits which always was well lit up and had many flower boxes in front of it.We never knew why it was so bright. Now I know it was bright so that they could watch us better.

"There was another little boy in the camp.He had made me a drawing in the camp so long ago. He found my address in the states a few years ago and he mailed my that picture. I was amazed..."


Sunday, August 7, 2005

Peter Jennings passed away

Peter Jennings  passed away today

I will miss him very much. I have learned much about life , different countries and cultures from him.

His associates said that he had the highest standards, did the lion's share of work himself, travelled the world over , loved people and his family.

He commanded huge respect from everyone,even though he never finished high school.

He was a man for all seasons because he tried to give each person the love and respect that they deserved.If you would care to leave a comment about him with your link, please do.


Friday, August 5, 2005

The Dalai Lama and you

The Dalai Lama and you

Thank you for sending me your favorite things from this summer! Your writing is teasing me to ask you, playfully, do you think that the Dalai is on target when he says that :"Yes there is a direct correlation between the spiritual nature of life and the physics of the universe."

Where might you say is the hookup of this correlation? Wise men point to the fact that creativity and experimentation have alot in common and that if it were not for these two things we would not know most things that we take for granted as knowing now. So take a stab at it...Know what the beauty is? There

are no right or wrong answers.

What would I say? I would go with the Dalai. But not all of you would and that is good because we all learn from each others' discoveries...

Kaleidescope of Summer

Kaleidescope of Summer

H i ! Pick your most favorite event of the summer, please write it down here and leave us a link to your hometown journal! I can't wait to read it! The excitement is killing Me! grins...

Ok,k for me it was a summer barbeque

with my daughter's serious boyfriends' new family: Kzillion new people , Kzillion food items, lots of summer breeze and a pool! Your turn!nat

Monday, August 1, 2005

The child and the grandparent

The child in me and my grandparent

My adult child sat across from my grandmother as she began to speak...She spoke of many things that had taken place in our shared past... of family we had both treasured and lost...of funny experiences that both of us had enjoyed and of terribly difficult experiences that we both knew of...suddenly, the adult child in me saw in the experiences of my grandmother a mirror of some of the best and worst things that I had discovered and learned about in life.She had given me experiences that were very unique and important to my life which I felt helped make me me.The mirror was as bright and as colorful as it could be as I danced through this wonderful journey with her! Ah know so much and you have graced my life with untold joy and remembrances!

Would that I could give these treasures back to you!

Sticking up for your beliefs

Sticking up for your Beliefs

I have been inspired recently by psychfun and Sugar1337 to talk about sticking up to my beliefs.

What have they said? Psychfun talked seriously about what is must have required for victims to think enough of themselves and each other to survive the holocaust.(See her journals). And Sugar teaches me all of the time in the wonderful way that she lives her life, with honesty, compassion, strength and integrity that beliefs are hard but worthwhile.

Enter other friends here:Sunnyside46 teaches me that family and friends are worth fighting for and every rainbow achieved creates alot of joy for others! Lisbnjvi teaches me that it is worth it every day to wake up and fight for what joy, happiness, and sharing or enjoyment that I want in my life.

Hadonfield78 teaches me that all of our beliefs  can come together and create a caring, loving blanket for our children and loved ones. And Sam, (gaboatman),teaches me that despite how hard life can be , we have to push the envelope for those wonderful moments that can be discovered with family and friends. Ondine Monet always gives me a different outlook on life than I realized before. And Krisannelise is super positive,even when that can be hard.Unicornsteph80 has showed me that bravery and loyalty and sheer tenacity can steer the tides of fortune.  MadmanADHD has showed me that care adn concern for others outweigh circumstances.Wings2try showed me that stories really do help us learn from life, and brown eyes showed me that courage can surmount any obstacle.

So thank you guys for everything! You rock!