Monday, August 1, 2005

Sticking up for your beliefs

Sticking up for your Beliefs

I have been inspired recently by psychfun and Sugar1337 to talk about sticking up to my beliefs.

What have they said? Psychfun talked seriously about what is must have required for victims to think enough of themselves and each other to survive the holocaust.(See her journals). And Sugar teaches me all of the time in the wonderful way that she lives her life, with honesty, compassion, strength and integrity that beliefs are hard but worthwhile.

Enter other friends here:Sunnyside46 teaches me that family and friends are worth fighting for and every rainbow achieved creates alot of joy for others! Lisbnjvi teaches me that it is worth it every day to wake up and fight for what joy, happiness, and sharing or enjoyment that I want in my life.

Hadonfield78 teaches me that all of our beliefs  can come together and create a caring, loving blanket for our children and loved ones. And Sam, (gaboatman),teaches me that despite how hard life can be , we have to push the envelope for those wonderful moments that can be discovered with family and friends. Ondine Monet always gives me a different outlook on life than I realized before. And Krisannelise is super positive,even when that can be hard.Unicornsteph80 has showed me that bravery and loyalty and sheer tenacity can steer the tides of fortune.  MadmanADHD has showed me that care adn concern for others outweigh circumstances.Wings2try showed me that stories really do help us learn from life, and brown eyes showed me that courage can surmount any obstacle.

So thank you guys for everything! You rock!



gaboatman said...

I am flattered to be included in  this list and am touched that you have taken away something precious from my writings.  This was a great entry and a nice salute to your friends.

hadonfield78 said...

Thank you for the compliment, it is greatly appreaciated.
I am glad if I have been any help to you.
I love to help others.

sunnyside46 said...

You have been a big help to me ,too

psychfun said...


Thank you so much! This must be a little bit of support from God today as I just had a issue today related to sticking up to my beliefs. I'll add something more here that I may include on a journal later. I remember in graduate school I made a comment on a theory from a man our class was going to be speaking with shortly via conference call. All my classmates jumped on me & quite loudly stated how wrong I was. When the conference call came in our professor (my favorite mentor & sly fox!) asked if we had any questions. Now that usually has me jumping but given what just happened I was not thinking so confidently in my comment. Noone said anything so my prof. said, we have a student here who thinks...and he mentioned my critical comment. All my classmates were smiling thinking I would get chewed out by the "authority of the subject". The gentleman answered it was the comment he has heard the most & he is in the process of changing this issue. Now I realized my prof new the answer to my comment & kept quiet & thought I would ask & when I didn't wanted to make sure my classmates hear this. I made sure not to smile (it was hard) and have an "I told you so attiitude" It wasn't about being right to me in the first place, I was just offering my thoughts. What did I learn from that & why have I remembered this still as a valuable lesson. Stick to your beliefs unless you know for sure otherwise. Even when many others disagree with you, it doesn't mean you are always wrong!

Thanks Nat, you managed to remind me of this today & that has helped my spirit today so much!

ondinemonet said...

Dearest Nat :)

In sharing that you have learned a little something from all of us, helps us learn that you are so special because you are still open to learning. So many have shut themselves off to continued inner growth, including myself at times. Thank you honey for providing the list of so many amazing people, some of whom I have met through their journals such as Sam and Michael and others who I look forward to getting to know...thanks to you. You did good dearie!

Always, Carly :)

sugar1337 said...

Thanks that is really sweet.  :)

wings2try said...

I feel privileged to be included among the list of people that have touched you through their words.  Words are very powerful tools, often misused, but forever remembered.  If I can challenge your mind, touch your heart, or tickle your funny bone with my words - that's great!  Your journal entries are wonderful and I've enjoyed reading them.  That's the great thing about all these journals - all the amazing stories and adventures.  Life is, after all, a story in process - your story.  Tell it well and it will be remembered!

lisbnjvi said...

Awww, thank you for including me in your list!  I am deeply honored.  J-land is full of people who are going through so many different things and with each visit to a person's journal we learn something new if not about them, about yourself.  This is why I love my journal and I love to read others.  We are never too old to learn or to expand our outlook about life.  You never know when a journal may inspire you!  Thanks again sweety!
Hugs and lots of love,

edandmariann said...

I absolutely love the way you write.  This is a really good entry too.  It is thoughtful to include your friends.  :-)  I will be coming back if that is OK by you????

kristeenaelise said...

awwww thanks for including me!  Its great to keep yourself open, always learning and experiencing new things.  I just love AOL J-land, for this very reason - its so wonderful to meet these awesome people you wouldn't have otherwise.

=) kris

bgilmore725 said...

You are very perceptive. Thanks for sharing how others have inspired you.