Monday, August 1, 2005

The child and the grandparent

The child in me and my grandparent

My adult child sat across from my grandmother as she began to speak...She spoke of many things that had taken place in our shared past... of family we had both treasured and lost...of funny experiences that both of us had enjoyed and of terribly difficult experiences that we both knew of...suddenly, the adult child in me saw in the experiences of my grandmother a mirror of some of the best and worst things that I had discovered and learned about in life.She had given me experiences that were very unique and important to my life which I felt helped make me me.The mirror was as bright and as colorful as it could be as I danced through this wonderful journey with her! Ah know so much and you have graced my life with untold joy and remembrances!

Would that I could give these treasures back to you!


gaboatman said...

I have lost both sets of grandparents as well as my parents.  I sit and remember from time to time the moments when my grandmothers would talk to me over a cup of coffee just as you described here.  They had so much to share and so much wisdom to impart.  They, to me, were shining examples of the best that life would offer me.

sunnyside46 said...

what a wonderful tribute to the warm quilt make up of scraps from different generations that is family!

sugar1337 said...

That is a very sweet thing to say about your grandmother, you really do seem to love her a lot.  :)

edandmariann said...

I miss all of my grandparents.  It is very wonderful that you appreciate her so well.  Cheerish those moments,  tho I think you do already.  Cheerish the inner child as well. it is what gets me through a lot of things.
Love You Already,

joolsinwa said...

lovely entry, so true!
~ Julie~

bgilmore725 said...

This I love.