Friday, August 26, 2005

What would I like ?

What would I Like?

John asked us what we would like to have albeit not necessary items and would said items make us happy..

ahem...well a super computer is looking mighty nice John...I would do so many things with it... for one thing it could open most sources for information anywhere.. for another thing... maybe it could reinvent itself as you do John!:)

Another thing I would like is enough money to have a world class orphanage that I could help run so people could get attended to in a nice fashion.

I would also like to have a school that is international with children from all over the globe.

Would it make me happy? What is happiness John?... Do you have a current definition? It would please me and I would definately feel good were these things to appear! Cheers!:)


sunnyside46 said...

did you ever read "Jo's Boy's" by Louisa May Alcott?

monponsett said...

In my getting rich fantasy, I always end up hooking up some orphans.

gaboatman said...

Ah, yes!  What is happiness, indeed!  I like your idea of wanting to help others.  Both the orphanage and international school seems like fine ventures.  The super computer doesn't sound too bad, either, LOL!

sugar1337 said...

That orphanage idea is a good one.  :)

curvyanglintexas said...

All of those choices sound excellent ;) Great answers Nat :)


bgilmore725 said...

You have great desires for the world, Natalie. Hugs back to you!