Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Leo Buscaglia's writings on loving

Buscaglia on Loving Each Other

Buscaglia is a great speaker about love.He says that"a loving relationship is like an ideal 'home' within it you can totally be yourself, be accepted, understood,trusted and respected as a valuable being.It is a nurturing environment where effort is made to provide enough caring and security so that one can share hopes and fears and where one is encouraged to learn and grow."

He goes on in his book"Loving Each Other" to say thatgood,clear communication is the key to create and maintain loving realtionships, but that it is very difficult for people to have good communication because they find it embarrassing and threatening to communicate our love, one to another.

It talks about greeting those whom we love with a warm touch and a kind word.

He talks about how sometimes as people we have difficulty in forgiving those people who have wronged us personally becasue we still harbor guilt about our own failings that we got from our parents...Sheesh!

please leave me a comment about what you think about Buscaglia's work... and...what do you think has helped you maintain a loving life/perspective?

For me, it has been belief in love of my parents and belief in a higher light and order in the universe.That,a four leaf clover and friends...


psychfun said...

I miss Leo! He has been gone now for 7 years! I still remember the day my father delicately informed me of his death, knowing it would be hard for me. I love his work & his spirit has really created a void in the world. I highly suggest his books and videos!

You can check out the following:





hadonfield78 said...

Nat, that was beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

lisbnjvi said...

I used to read books by Buscaglia but then they got to be too much for me.  When you grow up in such a violent both physically and emotionally way as I did, it's hard to forgive and see the good in others as he wanted you to.  I personally found him to push the parent issue way tooooo much (as in forgiving your parents, etc., etc.).  But, he did have some good advice regarding communication in a marriage, that is the true key to a happy one!
Hugs and love, Lisa

sunnyside46 said...

I like the words on parenting yourself like you would have liked to have been parented.

sugar1337 said...

Good thoughts....but maybe too idealized?

curvyanglintexas said...

I've always loved his writing and ideas



judithheartsong said...

very nice post:) judi

bgilmore725 said...

Buscaglia has much to teach people about love. Parents who hurt their children, whether on purpose or by ignorance, do leave scars on their kids. I know of this personally, and I also know that not every child who was called "stupid" or "idiot" or "useless" as a child can overcome it. Many can and do grow beyond what they believed they were as children, especially if they can move away for many years and have successes away from home, and make new friends, and start a new family. But often, parents who do this to their kids are victims themselves. Someone in the family has got to stop the cycle.