Friday, September 30, 2005

Beach Walk

The sun was setting lower on the horizon...he took her hand and said "Come"

and they both crossed the busy road to the sidewalk and the beach...

Sunny walked uncomfortably, clumbsily tossing herself form one foot to another in order to enjoy the sensation of squishing the sand between her feet and listening better to Jake....the water wet the tips of her toes and she played hopscotch across the sand patterns...

"So..what did the doctors tell Jim about Lily?" he said nervously..a crack in her voice...

"Will she be getting alot stronger..or sre they not sure?"

Sunny did not want to ask Jake this last part....she pouted , placing her lower lip alittle further out than usual; alittle amd at the world because of Lily's predicament.

Jake was concentrating on the line of the horizon.He loved watchng the lovely hues of the red sunset stretch further out in the bay;draping the sailboats in russet hues of glory. He wondered silently if anyone had caught any fish on the dock earlier.

He palced his feet solidly one after the other in  rythmetic movement and he attempted to steady her gait by  lending support to her hand.

"Sunny?" he said. He looked over at her affectionately,stroking her face gently.

"You know we can't change Lily's life. We can only hope that her therapy makes changes in her chemistry. That's all."

"The docotrs are giving her fifty fifty odds, and every year she has to get tested again to see if it's still there."

She nods. "Yes I know." she says quietly.

She leans over , picks up some shells and puts them in her bag.

"I only wish we knew for sure that she will make it Jake.

She is only fourteen."

Tears flooded Sunny's eyes as she tried to look away.

Jake looked fondly in her eyes, drew her close to himself and kissed her in the mouth passionately and deeply.The seagulls sailed across the sky and the cool breeze blew the couple some relief from the sun.

Jake kneeled in the sand and kissed her belly button.The sand wrestled with his hair as she ruffled his hair and pulled him closer to her.

He stroked her nipples.She sighed.



Thursday, September 29, 2005

Romantic Interlude

Romantic Interlude

He and she were walking in the rain. The rain splashed madly and randomly all over his and her raincoat. It was coming down hard; he felt the drops flooding into the back collar of his rainjacket and he instinctively tried to cover his neck more. She was trying to adjust her hood so as to avoid getting her hair and neck wet. It was a hard rain but the trees and bushes around them were drinking it up ravenously. the bridge was a splendorous collision of big full drops competing to be the first ones down on the ground.

They were holding hands; the hard driving of the rain on their hands and arms did not dim their enthusiam, They clutched each others' fingers as if they were gold.

The cold beat down on them as they got increasingly

cold. They looked out onto the lake and watched some struggling yachts attempt to come into the dock.She frowned. Then she turned, looked at him, grinned and give him a tiny kiss on the nose. He is turn giggled and patted her on the back. Both grinning, they gave each other a hug.

It was a contrast to the lukewarm looks that some couples were giving each other with the warm weather the day before.

"James", she said.

"We're in trouble if this weather lasts. We're freezing today . Tis coming month will be cold. I will have to work over time to afford our flat.Not to mention the heating..." she sighed.

 He looked into her eyes and stroked her hair.

"If you are with me, that's what counts."


Chicago The World Friendly

Chicago the World Friendly

John Scalzi, our blog leader, wanted us to write a few words about Chicago. Chicago has always been known as a place that is great for families, community, culture, art, and business.

It is such a hubbub of activity that people who live there have a hard time keeping up!Chicago is a wonderful town.The lake there makes it scenic too. Many people go to Chicago to see Oprah!

The Art Institute of Chicago knows an international reputation in the art world.Artists love to study there

and people love to visit.there are many important galleries in Chicago.It is know to be a great art center.

The University of Chicago holds a great academic reputation worldwide.Many famous people have gone to this renown university, including our blog master, John Scalzi.

Chicago has a substantial sports seen. They have four main teams. The Cubs, The White Sox, The Bears , and The Bulls. The cubs are pretty good and they have a very good chance at winning the National League, but their chances of a world series ring is limited. They have the longest losing streak of any team but everyone still loves their cubbies. The White Sox are also very good and are leading the National league for long streaks. They will probably go far in the National League this year. The Chicago Bears are not fairing as well. According to the press , they have a third string quaterback. They have a good defense and Musin Muhammed is good but they won't have a winning record for a long time. Everyone loves them, however because they remember the golden days and are hoping those days will return. The Bulls have a rich past and future. Everyone knows about how MJ won six straight titles with the bulls and made his mark in the legendary class. Ever since he left there,the team went downhill. They had many losing seasons before drafting rookie sensations Lual Deng, Kirk Hinrich, Curry, and Ben Gorden- all very, very talented for their age. They made it pretty far in the playoffs but they had little experience so fell in the second round to The Washington Wizards. The Bulls already have  a championship caliber squad. In these upcoming years look for the bulls to be the team to beat.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Memories of New Orleans

Memories of New Orleans

Mary reached into her back pack, felt her teddy bears' soft skin. She pulled him out to sleep with and stuck her back pack back in her bed.She remembered Granny singing to her and rocking her on her front porch...It was hard without Granny...

Granny had raised her. She was always around the house, reading to her or feeding her as she grew up.

Granny was so sweet to her...A tear rolled down her cheek...she could never talk to her again. Granny had passed away due to the heavy flooding of their neighborhood.Her daddy had gone to get her but he was too late....she sighed.

She tries to straighten up and look older.

She gripped the sheets tighter and a grimace formed on her face...she was mad..plain mad... why did Granny have to die? Daddy had said  he didn't know.

She thought of the man times she and Granny had gone downtown to have a cup of hot chocolate and a beignet ( a fried donut). Granny bought her nice books to color in and some to read. She took her to some parks with swings and a slide...

And she remembered all of that great fried chicken and grits that granny made...oh and craw fish! TO die for! she smiled...

She sighed. Images of Granny and Daddy rolled across her mind... what had the lady said? Where werer they going tomorrow?And when they got there how would she find her way home?...

. Mary though that if she could concentrate enough , then she could ask her Granny these questions..Maybe Granny would tell her...

She rolled her blanket up to her neck, squeezed her eyebrows together and tried to think...


Thursday, September 15, 2005

9/11 and its' Aftermath

Debby sat still at her desk. Susan sat on top of a table nearby watching her color.

"ummmm..those are nice colors Debby!

"Who is the man on the ladder there of the fire engine?

Debby reviewed her picture slowly, then passed her finger affectionately over the figure . She sighed...

"Oh...That's Uncle Jim"...

"Oh!He looks very nice! And he's getting into the building ..."

"Yes...."Debby said softly....

"What's that he's got over his shoulders?Did he rescue someone?

Debby nodded...

"Oh."..Susan looked in her eyes and nodded too...

"How many people did he rescue?"

"Daddy said he got three out by the door, and then he went back for some people who were trapped on the 10th floor..."

Her face looked pained..she began holding her stomach with one hand and biting her little fingers with the other...

"Oh..." Susan said..."Did he make it out?"

"Noooooo!" Debby said... she picked up some crayols and hurled them to the wall near her.

"I'm sorry Debby.. Have you been able to sleep better lately?" Susna said...

Debby shook her head "no".

"How about you and I take a walk to the park? We could swing together...."

Debby nodded yes.




Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Natalie donates to New Orleans when you comment here...

Natalie donates to New Orleans

when you comment at the end here

Hi!Please say something positive about New Orleans. You have it on faith: My kid and I are giving 25cents per comment and no repeating please.

I want to do this and you want to comment!

My kid's school is giving money to the kids who are in a shelter in Baker, Louisiana who need foster care.

It's cool because some families from New Orleans are volunteering to go with them!

So make a positive comment !I will take this off when we get tons of comments and I'll leave another journal up to tell you how many of you made this boat float! Love you guys!

See ya', natalie

An update:

OUr sherrif's office here had identified 1,500 displaced kids in (actually) Baker, Louisiana!

Your comments were so positive, that I contacted our extended family and friends. We are giving these kids $100.00 and supplies! It is a drop in the bucket guys to the big problem, but Gee it makes me feel good. hugs all around, natp.s. thanks for being so helpful!


Nowhere but up- A story about New Orleans

Nowhere but Up - A Story about New Orleans

A girl turned and came around to where I sat .Shee introduced herself -"Hi. I'm Sally," he said. "What is your name?" "Susan", I replied. She sat down next to me .She was holding a rag doll with blond yarn hair...

"How are you?" I asked.

"Oh fine... "

"Did you sleep last night?"

"Alittle bit.. . the dreams keep coming ..and  then ... I wake up....

Have you seen my cousin Sarah?

"What dreams?"

"I dream ...I see the flood coming in... .

some people don't make it...I see them too...

Then, I  dream  about other kids..

the kids and parents ..who are still here..


"some people are lost .their families cannot find them.."

even with the sheriffs here when they went around in boats..

or the helicopters on rooftops..."

I pat her on the back.

"You have  lots of family still here at the shelter...."

She shirks ..recoiling..her pupils somehow bigger

"Oh yeah.... "she nods.."some are here"  . she shakes her head...

"what is it ?"

"There are so many people out there who need  help..

And no one can get to them....

in time...."

"Oh.."I said...

"Sally? "

"Yeah?" She looked up at me with those big brown eyes and beautiful nose...

"Ok..let's say we are here..okay?" I point down to our feet.


"And now that we have the levees repaired and the National Guard is here....

we can go nowhere  but trust me on this?"I pointed to aplace high up on the wall...





Monday, September 12, 2005

Punked by Ondine Monet :):)

I've been Punked By Ondine Monet

!Lol! ..Not really.... Ondine wants to know about some fabulous seven things....

Seven things I want to do before I die:

1.Visit Thailand , ride an elephant and visit the old temples there ( and see the dances).

2. Go to Bhutan and find out about why the Dalai Lamas go here and what their homes are like.

3. Host a teen global conference and see if teens have ideas on improving global planning for resources and outreach and how to overcome communication problems worldwide.

4. Travel to Preu and visit people living in remote villages there (perhaps volunteer in an orphanage).

5.Make a difference in ten children's lives.

6.Study and swim with the dolphins.

7. Author a collaborative study with other writers

researching how to improve communication and worldwide care and publish results.


Things I can do: 

1. Convince young or old people the true nature of life and of themselves.

2. Shower loved ones and friends wiht so much love that they feel appreciated and lvoed.

3. Hike up a mountain trail medium speed.

4.Ski, snorkel, play volleyball, bike, play soccer, some dancing, ride a horse, say a speech.

5. troubleshoot with a difficult person and show them solace and respect.

7. Work my but off on a project and walk away.

Seven things I cannot do:

1. reject people who are my friends

2. hurt people because they have earned it;

( I will put them off and get rid of them if they hurt my family or friends).

3. refuse to defend a good person who is wrongly treated.

4. refuse to stick up for a child.

5. become a strong workaholic.

6. be a sexist.

7. be prejudiced against someone because of looks or nationality.

People I admire:

1. Ghandi

2. Helen Keller

3. Mother Teresa

4. Mohammed Ali

5.Martin Luther KIng

6. Sean Connery

7. Paul McCartney

Things I admire in a partner:




4.has self confidence, sense of humor interested in other cultures of the world

6.has a pet(just kidding!lol)

7. has an Uncle Joe (just kiding again!:):)

Things I often say:

What do you mean?

Do you really mean it?

No..when will you do it really?

You're the greatest!

I love you more!

I love you this much!

People who I want to tag:


2.Sugar 1337(Nicole)


4. Lisbnjvi(lisa)


6.MadmanADHD (Michael)

and 7.Hadonfield 78(Hadonfield).

So my friends please consider yourself tagged!

I look forward to your responses!

and Thank you so much Ondine Monet for the tag was fun! love,nat



Sunday, September 11, 2005

Paul Hosts a New CarnivAOL

Come one, come all to the New CarnivAol!Hee hee!

Everyone please consider submitting your journals by providing a link to them in an email to PLittle. Paul Little is looking for variety so the more the merrier and diverse is great!

My story about a boy in New Orleans is featured.

Also, the CarnivAOL is found at

and the completed version is coming out on Tuesday, September 27, 2005 so..stay tuned!!!!:):):)


"My treehouse" A Story about New Orleans

My Treehouse - A story about New Orleans

This is a story of a conversationa social worker had  with a boy who left New Orleans after the flood for the big world.

"Hi John. I'm Susan. How areyou?"

"Okay I guess..."

"Tell me what it was like at your home..."

"Ok. I had a house and a treehouse. We had alot of trees in my yard.Daddy made the treehouse justt for me.."

I loved bringing my friends there... I could lie on the floor with them and the wind would shake the trees....we would dream that we were in different places. It was so cool.."

(John looked dreamily out into space..)

"John that sounds so nice..what happened to your house when it started floading?"

"John looks farther away. He stands up. His mouth forms a tight line... his skin color paled..

"My house covered in water.. my tree house too...

"Uncle Joe says that there's a big hole in the ocean that makes the big waves...

"He said that our house and grandma got sucked into it."


Susna looked away too for a minute. A trace of a tear caught her eyes... there was a tightness, a sad feeling for the boy in her throat...she gulped..."I'm so sorry about your grandma.." she said.

John stared into space. He nodded.

"Do you think you'll ever return?"

"Mom and Dad think so. They said that they'll rebuld our house..and the treehouse...."

Friday, September 2, 2005

The Aftermath of New Orleans

We Must Support One Another

For most of us out in Jland the disaster in New Orleans has been very horrible indeed.We have not been able to understand what has happened and there fore we don't know what has been going wrong. Today I discovered two things: 1. the Red Cross was told that 30,000 people would be coming to the arena and that is what they brought supplies and water for. Instead, 50,000 people showed up.

2. We didn't have enough National Guard people at all to help us. As I am writing this, the Louisianna National Guard has been called back from Iraq to New Orleans. This explains alot of terrible suffering that we have seen take place...

I want to tell you people from Louisianna and Mississippi that we have been carrying you in our hearts. We have been sending you positive thoughts and we will continue to do so. We are attempting to send you money and things. Let's all continue to care about each other. Let's encourage each other that we are tough enough to survive this. you can tell your grandchildren that you got through this tight squeeze okay and they will be so proud of you.

Thursday, September 1, 2005

Paul Little's New CarnivAOL

Paul Little's New CarnivAOL

Come one, come all to the new, huge CarnivAOL!

Paul Little at features a ton of writers; including me! I think everyone will find some blog to relate to in the rich compilation pulled together by our poet and impressario of writing.

There is a sports blog called "Two Minute Warning" that is unique and there are numerous blogs that describe either a single life or married with children.

The is a blog which describes: "The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly."It is a blog which talks about illness, healing, life, family and creativity!

 "The Shadow of the Iris " deals more with  descriptive writing.

I cannot describe all of the blogs here because my hands are tired!:):) Please go and visit them! It is worth your while!

Thank you Paul!