Thursday, September 29, 2005

Chicago The World Friendly

Chicago the World Friendly

John Scalzi, our blog leader, wanted us to write a few words about Chicago. Chicago has always been known as a place that is great for families, community, culture, art, and business.

It is such a hubbub of activity that people who live there have a hard time keeping up!Chicago is a wonderful town.The lake there makes it scenic too. Many people go to Chicago to see Oprah!

The Art Institute of Chicago knows an international reputation in the art world.Artists love to study there

and people love to visit.there are many important galleries in Chicago.It is know to be a great art center.

The University of Chicago holds a great academic reputation worldwide.Many famous people have gone to this renown university, including our blog master, John Scalzi.

Chicago has a substantial sports seen. They have four main teams. The Cubs, The White Sox, The Bears , and The Bulls. The cubs are pretty good and they have a very good chance at winning the National League, but their chances of a world series ring is limited. They have the longest losing streak of any team but everyone still loves their cubbies. The White Sox are also very good and are leading the National league for long streaks. They will probably go far in the National League this year. The Chicago Bears are not fairing as well. According to the press , they have a third string quaterback. They have a good defense and Musin Muhammed is good but they won't have a winning record for a long time. Everyone loves them, however because they remember the golden days and are hoping those days will return. The Bulls have a rich past and future. Everyone knows about how MJ won six straight titles with the bulls and made his mark in the legendary class. Ever since he left there,the team went downhill. They had many losing seasons before drafting rookie sensations Lual Deng, Kirk Hinrich, Curry, and Ben Gorden- all very, very talented for their age. They made it pretty far in the playoffs but they had little experience so fell in the second round to The Washington Wizards. The Bulls already have  a championship caliber squad. In these upcoming years look for the bulls to be the team to beat.


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never been there but will take your word for it, LOL

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never been there myself

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are you from Chicago?  You know quite a bit about the place. I have never been there.. but it sounds like a dynamic, vibrant city!