Friday, April 27, 2007

What animal Might You Be if Reincarnated?:Scalzi's assignment

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What Animal Might You Be if Reincarnated?:Scalzi's assignment

Here we go.... take your pick! I love both equally!

Please leave your links and comments so we can compare! thanks!

p.s. Scalzi wants to know : do you believe in Reincarnation?

For me; yuppers

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Please Leave Condolences for Virginia Tech: tragedy

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Please Leave Condolences and Comments for Families of Virginia Tech Students


I have been deeply saddened as I know many of you are by the senseless murders and innocent victims of a depressed college student at Virginia Tech.

I would like to express my Sincere Condolences to the families, university professors and staff and friends of the victims. I am hoping for peace of mind and calmness of spirit for these loved ones now.

I would also like to applaud those heroes who helped students survive.

Thank you to all of you at Virginia tech who by your noble ways and thoughtful, couragoeus deeds have helped to keep hope alive in such a troubled couple of days there.


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Suggest Assignment Topics: Scalzi's assignments

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Suggest Assignment Topics:Scalzi's assignment

hmmmm ..How about our biggest adventures?

Next would be..our favorite romantic adventures?

ok ..your turn! Please leave us some links and or comments!TY

What is your Favorite ghost Writer Name:Scalzi's assignment

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What is Your Favorite Ghost Writer Name?:Scalzi's assignment

Loorna Doone would be one for sure. She was adventurous, passionate and fun!

There are many women heroines and I admire most of them!:)

How about you?

This is late but after all this is a timeless assignment!:):)

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Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Happy Passover in Jland!

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Happy Passover!

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She Was My Face; My Dreams and Home

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She Was My Faith, My Love, My Home


( memories of a speech given by a dear friend and widower)


You are


I see you

In Our garden;

in our home,


Your light fills

every flower

and fills

our home

with such warmth

and glow...


I see you


There is nothing here

that is mine...

the dog we have had

for hundreds of years,

the books we have read

the times...

I remember





the sea

the woods

the papaya


The Fractal Foundation:Teachers and Parents!It's For kids! It's Helpful! And It's free

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Sunday science forums

March 2007

The Fractal Foundation; What do you think?:0

The Fractal Foundation thinks that if you start showing children those wonderful shapes as they appear in nature, they will begin to understand the shapes and value them more!

What do you think? :)

I still remember as a child and a teen being totally fascinated with fractal shapes and how they appear in Nature's design in a very harmonious format! Think if you will of tiny portions of algae growth or of ice.

Let us know what you think! TY!

ps you can obtain info by sending an email to


The Ice Age: It was Popular from 1930 Until 1950!

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Fairbanks International Artic Research Center in Alaska

The Ice Age; What do you think?

The Ice Age was our popular conception about how the world was prgressing from 1930 until 1950. We really sunk our teeth into it... all of the signs were there.

Then, around 1975, things changed due to a new form of information. Satellites were taking pictures from outer space and we were analyzing them. We are now thinking that the current stage we are going through is the final one according to Mr.Akasofu

However, we have not adequately studied what went on here in the past according to Mr.Akusofu.Apparently, we have considered that we are in Ice Ages and Global Warming stages before due to climatic changes.

Please let us know what you know about huge climatic changes that were going on many centuries ago. If you do know about many of them according to Mr.Akusofu you will understand the earth and where we are heading far better.Ty

Huge Fishing Boats Take Too many Fish Away: What do you think?

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National Geographic on PBS

March 13, 2007

National Geographic is up in arms. I knew that already from reading theri recent magazine about the huge amount of over fishing worlwide; and particularly from Europe traveling down to the coast of Africa. Huge trollers fill their boats with fish literally.

There is no discretion as to which groups to save or anything; just a huge amount of fish killed, processed, put on ice . All of the fish that cannot be used is just churned out the back of the boat in big bloody fashion...

National Geographic has a group of ocean experts. they say that the continual huge amount of fishing may mean that we literally run out of fish.

Beyond that, many people in Africa on the coast who historically have lived from fishing are now without fish. thye ahve been forced to live ona very meagre supply of small fish.

What do you think about this?

Let us know!TY!