Tuesday, April 3, 2007

The Ice Age: It was Popular from 1930 Until 1950!

Google assembled these pictures


Fairbanks International Artic Research Center in Alaska

The Ice Age; What do you think?

The Ice Age was our popular conception about how the world was prgressing from 1930 until 1950. We really sunk our teeth into it... all of the signs were there.

Then, around 1975, things changed due to a new form of information. Satellites were taking pictures from outer space and we were analyzing them. We are now thinking that the current stage we are going through is the final one according to Mr.Akasofu

However, we have not adequately studied what went on here in the past according to Mr.Akusofu.Apparently, we have considered that we are in Ice Ages and Global Warming stages before due to climatic changes.

Please let us know what you know about huge climatic changes that were going on many centuries ago. If you do know about many of them according to Mr.Akusofu you will understand the earth and where we are heading far better.Ty


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I agree that this is just a normal cycle of the earth.

sugar1337 said...

Everything living has a cycle and the Earth is just like a big living organism or a thing composed of many organisms so it makes sense it has cycles.  Unfortunately that means species die off, but maybe with some effort some of them can be saved.  Either way humanity takes this earth for granted and great steps need to be taken to keep it healthy.

klconard1 said...

I notice the newspaper articles today say some scientists believe the sun is going through a warming cycle and that is why we have the effects here on earth -- not us doing it at all lol.  The ones who want to alarm us all are making life much much more expensive than it has to be with all of the rules and pricey changes in the way we do things.
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