Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Kelli is in danger with her family: Please comment on her journal

Kelli (noon mom) is in trouble.
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Please visit her blog and offer your thoughts and prayers for a successful evacuation form the terrible fire and prayers that her child Amber's friend get home safe. thank you.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey Publicize Autism of her son


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Go on Google and look up this link or other links. Jenny and Jim are saying that autism can be helped by good parenting and it is enormously time consuming but a difference can be made , at least in some autistic children's lives, by spending  a lot of time and by reading her new book. What do you think?

Big Gold DepositsFound in Alaska;What Should we Do?

Big Gold Deposits Found in Alaska; What do we Do?
Thursday, September 18,2007
Bristol Bay is one of the spawning grounds for salmon. It also is the home of tons of gold.
Northern Dynasty Minerals of Canada would like to excavate 300 billion dollars worth of gold.
Please tell us what you think should happen.

blocking adds on your phones

It is time to call the number and ask them not to allow adds on our phones again!
the time expired!
okay/...so..do you still have the telephone number?!!!

Freegans : What do you make of it?

What do you think of Freegans?
I read something  about an executive who had been on Wall Street and now she's dumpster diving; not because of poverty, but because she thinks it is a better lifestyle!
I have posted a link from Google and they do have more info on them... sooo
let me know what you think.
Some of you may like their caring of animals, while some of you think that they are not capitalists really.....