Sunday, July 30, 2006

Tell us about Your Favorite Mentor; or One of them

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Tell Us About your Favorite Mentor: Or one of Them

My favorite mentor early on taught us that we had to carry on and continue working even when our own bosses and friends had given up. She was all about perserverence and hard work.

We always loved her; event hough she asked a lot of work from us. I think we thought that she asked a lot from us because she knew that we had a lot to offer.

your turn

Do you Have a Favorite Dream?

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Do you Have a Favorite Dream?

Do you have a favorite dream from the past twelve months?

I do. It was a family member telling me about a wonderful delightful wedding coming up this summer!

It excited me, made me anticipate a very happy event!

It also served to make me feel wonderful and elated for the happy couple!

What favorite dream did you have?


Invent Your Future Assignments! From John Scalzi

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Invent Your Future Assignments! From John Scalzi

John Scalzi wanted our ideas. Here are mine:

1.Write about your holiday on an alien planet.

2. John Scalzi is said to go into a trance when he writes his famous Sci Fi novels!

Describe a conversation with him in a trance!

3. Describe a holiday in Scotland with Guido or in England with Jeanette or Jan.

Describe a holiday with Paul in Cananda.

Extra Credit:

Describe a holiday with Dawn and Dianna in New York City!

Okay now it's your turn!  Tell us what you would like to write about!

Write down your suggestions to John Scalzi!


Friday, July 21, 2006

Google your pets


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Let's Google our Pets

John Scalzi set this up as a journal assignment last week.

( These are pets my kids used to have.)

ballistic-streamlined ammo

ballistic-simulator orbit

ballistic-dissapative collision

bandit-Smokey and the Bandit

bandit -fishing trips

bandit-a British hip hop group

Christopher-Christopher Reeves Foundation

                    Christopher Marlowe (from Shakespeare)

                     Christopher Columbus

Randy-         Randy Newman

                     Randy the band

                     Randy Quaid

okay! Now it's your turn!


Eleven: Scalzi's assignment

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Find Eleven of Anything: Document it and Write it up!

(Scalzi's assignment)

1. Walking home I saw eleven clouds.

2. Walking through the rooms at home, I saw eleven boxes.

3 We have eleven photos framed in the den.

4. This is a quote form John Scalzi's book "The Ghost Brigades", from page eleven:
"Cainen opened his mouth to respond and suddenly the floor launched itself up violently to meet him."

5.There are eleven bottles of Propel fitness water in the fridge.

6. I have eleven pieces of clothing in the laundry room.

7.This is a quote from Jane Goodall's book "Reasson for Hope", page 11:

"As a child I was not keen on going to school."

8.This is a quote from Scientific American Mind, a magazine, page 11:

"When three, four of five people gather to solve a problem, chances are they will succeed beyond the efforts of an equivalent number of peopel working separately."

9. There are eleven CDs in the kitchen.

10. Aliens prefer binar code: that's why it's so popular in  science fiction stories.

11.there are elelven spoons in the drawer.

There! Now it's your turn! Tell us about eleven of something!




Check Out Joann's Blog

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Check Out Joann's blog

Joann has a penchant for knowing what she wants and going out to get it! Please check out her blog and make some comments!

She is a busy mom who loves visitors to her blog and she is trying to loose weight!

Please Go Visit Springangel235! Her husband was Readmitted

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Please Go Visit Springangel235! Her Husband is Readmitted to the Hospital

Springangel235 , aka Joyce for all of those who love her here, has a problem...well make that several!

She is a dear woman and freind adn I know she would be so happy if you Wished her husband well!

TY natalie

Check out Siennastarr's new blog! It Floats!

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Check Out Siennastarr's New Blog! It Floats!

Visit Siennastarr's new blog! It doesn't dissapoint!

It has buoancy, it's light, romantic, fun, full of rock and roll and much much more!She's a born optimist and a great person!

And hey (wink) there is a surprise on the very first entry I'm highlighting!

Cool huh!

Please Visit Our New JLander from South Africa

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Please Visit Our New JLander From South Africa

You could be delighted and Carol would love to have more readers!She is a very busy wife adn mother with a huge heart for others and an interesting perspecitve on life:

Check her blog out please and give this dear JLander a thumbs up!



Thursday, July 20, 2006

Mordehai Milgrom defies Einstein's theories; No dark matter exists, he says


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August 2006

"Gravity Gadfly" by Adam Frank

Mordehai Milgrom defies Einstein's theories: he says there is no dark matter

Throughout the years, even though there has never been a way to verify if dark matte exites or not, scientists have believed in it Mr. Frank says.

He points out that Newton's Law of physics is not finished

Milgrom has been working hard wiht his partner Jacob Bekensein to create a new theory according to Frank, which will make the old theories outdated called Modified Newtonian Dynamics!

Wow! What do you think?

Do you think he is right?

The Congo approaches Their Democratic Elections!

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New York Times

July 1, 2006

"Congo nears Historic Election; Praying for Peace",

by Lydi Polgreen

The Congo Approaches Their Democratic Elections!

The Congo is trying to leave its' war-ridden past behind and go forward to holding free elections according to Ms. Polgreen.

The country, she says, is rich in resources; but in the recnt past, they have not been used to further education, electricity, or health centers.

Let's hope that they succeeed and do well!

Do yuo think that they will ? If possible would you travel there to visit/

Love musical about the Beatles opens today!

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Love Musical About the Beatles Opens Today

Cirque de Soleil opened a show about the Beatles today!It includes artistic performances and interpretations of the Beatles music by sixty performers.

They use the original Abbey Road tapes for the music.

Reviews are great !

Would you go?

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Please Visit Monponsett and Joe and Offer Condolences

PLease visit Monponsett at: and offer

her your sympathies with the loss of her wonderful boss.

He met death suddenly and many people miss him.

His name was Bob Woolridge.

You can also offer support to Joe, Journals Editor at Magic Smoke:



Helmswondermom is a Great JLander! Go see her!

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Helmswondermom is a Great JLander! Go and see her!

You will undoubtedly enjoy this woman's talent as a writer.


Her little girl is wonderful too!

Please Visit Springangel to Offer Comfort

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Please visit Springangel235 to Offer Comfort:



Springangel235's husband was in the hospital recently.

He had been quite ill. Then, he started making a great recovery and they were going to celebrate!

However, he got cut by some glass he stepped on by accident. Joyce asks for our positive thoughts and prayers tht he will get better.


Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Check out CarniVAOL



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Check out CarniVAOL!

Paul Little did a great job!

Remember to submit your original stories, life experiences or poems ot Paul for the next one.