Thursday, July 20, 2006

The Congo approaches Their Democratic Elections!

Google did the pictures

New York Times

July 1, 2006

"Congo nears Historic Election; Praying for Peace",

by Lydi Polgreen

The Congo Approaches Their Democratic Elections!

The Congo is trying to leave its' war-ridden past behind and go forward to holding free elections according to Ms. Polgreen.

The country, she says, is rich in resources; but in the recnt past, they have not been used to further education, electricity, or health centers.

Let's hope that they succeeed and do well!

Do yuo think that they will ? If possible would you travel there to visit/


sugar1337 said...

I hope that they can help their people with their new plans.  It has always sounded like an interesting place to travel, but I don't know if it is particularly safe.

jeadie05 said...

I hope they succeed,I wouldnt want to go there at the moment ,see how things go first !........Jan xx