Thursday, July 6, 2006

South American Stonehenge; Pacha Mama

Google did the pictures

The Week

June 2, 2006

South American Stonehenge; Pacha Mama is discovered

It's 4,200 years old and it consists of a carving, a temple and a celetial observatory! Pacha Mama is the name given to Goddess.

The site is dated back to 2200B.C. and this might be the first carving ever done according to the editors at The Week. The observatory sits on top of an old pyramid and it points to the abilities of these people to calculate the mathematics of the heavens even then!

Do you like ruins?

What has been your favorite mounment to date?

And oh btw this is so new I coudl not find a photo of it in Google yet! cool huh?



bgilmore725 said...

Yes, I love ruins. I love to imagine the time period, how the building or village looked in its own time, how the people lived, dressed, worked, ruled. I may not have any favorite ruins, but old castles in the British Isles and the ruins in Israel, Rome, Greece, and Athens may be among my favorites. bea

lurkynat said...

Oh WOw Bea!
Have you seen all of those! wow you really do travel! i'm impressed!

sugar1337 said...

That sounds facinating.  I would love to see that.  Ruins are always neat because you can't know where you are going if you can't see where you have been right?  :)

lurkynat said...

Ya Coco history is important! which ruins have you seen?