Sunday, July 30, 2006

Do you Have a Favorite Dream?

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Do you Have a Favorite Dream?

Do you have a favorite dream from the past twelve months?

I do. It was a family member telling me about a wonderful delightful wedding coming up this summer!

It excited me, made me anticipate a very happy event!

It also served to make me feel wonderful and elated for the happy couple!

What favorite dream did you have?



sugarsweet056 said...

I only dream occ. & can seldom remember them!

bgilmore725 said...

I have dreams from past years that are definitely favorites, but this year, none of the dreams I have had have been disturbing, memorable, or delightful. However, there was one just last week that was intriguing. It was after VBS was over. I'm still trying to understand the message, for I think our dreams hold messages of guidance, they help clarify our roles, and provide directions for us to follow to reach our inner goals.

In the dream a person, whom I can't identify, is carrying an armful of black roses. I am standing in with a line of people. The rose-bearer is walking down the line from behind me, and when she passes me, she gives me one of the black roses, then moves on.

I hold the long stemmed rose in my hand, looking at it. I wonder why she has given it to me. I look at her, but she says nothing. Not everyone received a black rose. I walk away carrying the black rose with me, and then I wake up.

I woke up feeling a sense of mystery, wanting to know why she picked me, and what the symbolism of the black rose has for my life, what I have done so far, what I will be doing when I return to school this fall, a different school.

I'm still trying to figure out the meaning of that. I recognize the flower was given to me as a gift, I think. It wasn't awarded to me, just given to me. No words of explanation were spoken when it was given. I was standing in line, I don't know where the line was going. When I received the flower, I didn't understand it, but thought it odd because I had never seen a black rose before. I don't remember if I said thank you or not. I don't think any words were spoken throughout the dream. This may be a dream that would qualify as a favorite dream this year.

Your dream helped you to feel the excitement and happiness of the wedding before you even got there. That may have been a prediction dream, and you were able to make the dream come true. Bea

sunnyside46 said...

listening to the waves on the beach.

sugar1337 said...

I finally got to post this in my blog...if you set up a myspace, come by and check it out.  :)

lifesabench6 said...

I don't remember my dreams all the time.  I had a real comforting one a few years ago that had all my family (passed and present) in it.  I used to have a very frightning recurring dream after I became a born again Christian, but thankfully I was able to have His help overcoming that!- My favorite within the past year though- I was at some kind of night time picnic with all my friends and family (again passed and present) when I went out to look up at the sky- there was a kind of light show going on.  Not quite lazer show or fireworks- it was something more than that, something like I'd never seen before.  Anyway, I called everyone out to come and  look at it.  I was so happy and excited- I've never known that feeling ever.  Then it faded away.  I was disappointed, but still very happy.  When I woke up, I was still happy and excited, but also a little sad- I believe it was Jesus telling me He was coming soon, but not quite yet.  I know- sounds a little goofy, but that's always what it's felt like to me.  Thanks for letting me share- Carolyn