Thursday, July 6, 2006

New Orleans Mayors Still Don't Offer Residents A Plan

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New Orleans' Mayor Still Doesn't Offer  Residents a Plan

New York Times

June 18

(Note: The Mayor, Mr. Naigin, in the gentleman on the left and the Head of the City Council , Mr. Oliver Thomas,is the gentleman on the right.)

According to this editor, we do not need to wait to suffer anymore.New Orleans has received their allotment for billions of recovery dollars, but the Mayor refuses to set any plans on the table.

Mr. Thomas, the Head of the City Council, says that no actions for recovery can be taken until the Mayor jumps in...He is asking for teh Mayor to step up so that recovery building can begin.

The Mayor is refusing to do that.

What? ??? How can the city recover ?

Many things have to be repaired so people can live here!

What do you think?




sugar1337 said...

I don't know if it is even safe to move people back into a place that floods so easily.  The problem is so many people down there didn't have home owners isurance and the like so they basically have to start over, not that many of them could have afforded it to begin with unfortunately.   I mean in tx now you have to buy a separate flood insurance policy in addition to the regular one, I am not sure if that is everywhere now, but I am just glad I got my mom to get it.

lurkynat said...

I see your point totally Coco. They do have these things on the drawing board.
They would like to help people relocate, but according to this article, some people are flat opposed to that , even when theyare in a very unsafe area (for the future).
Alos , business wise, some business areas need to be totally scrapped and rebuilt.
Hey IMHO Thomas is very right when he asks the Mayor to decide upon a plan, then start working on taht plan. Right?
Thanks Coco

sunnyside46 said...

Istill can't hold in my mnd the image of the devastation.

bgilmore725 said...

I can understand why no action can be taken without plans, but what is holding up the mayor? Does he think they shouldn't rebuild? It may be that this particular city will not recover to its original highly dangerous living area. Maybe he has some people working on possible plans, and they are not ready to bring to the table yet? I haven't been following this, so I don't know all the details, Nat. But from what I've seen, I don't think they should rebuild in that depression area that was flooded the worst. What a waste of money that would be, not to mention putting folks back in the same situation they were in when the hurrican hit them. It's like building a city at the foot of an active volcano!! Bea

lurkynat said...

Dear Bea,
I totally agree with you:
1. Plans should be put on the table so that Mr. Thomas, the city council manager, can help get rebuilding of commercial projects underway.
2. The article did mention that it is commonly held that people should move away from the land that is still unretrievable and that people should be helped to build on better sites. (Note: not all people want to move from this area but it is far too dangerous and it cannot be fixed.)
3. It is comtemptable taht no plans are offered and therefore the mayor is not helping.