Saturday, July 8, 2006

Diplomacy is Sacrosanct

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Diplomacy is Sacrosanct

My mother was a very interesting person. I don't think that she would have ever been able to see enough of the world for herself.

We had often international dinner discussions in which we would discuss a new country, tradition, political vibe or religion.

She always maintained that there could never be enough said about the wonders of diplomacy.

Occasionally we would tell her of some one who was "way out there" in thoughts or mannerisms. My mother would only smile and say"Respect him or her. Show tact and compassion for theri life. Stand in their shoes for awhile.You might learn something. You will feel better." Then she would smile softly.

What do you think about showing compassion, concern for others, no matter how different they are from you?

Also, what do you think people can do here in Jland to have better, deeper discussions on things that matter the most to them?



sugar1337 said...

I think all people should show compassion when they can to others, but sometimes there are people or groups of people out there that are truly hateful and spiteful and don't really deserve any understanding for who they are for what they are doing is truly deplorable.

onemoretina said...

I think your mother sounds like a gem.  It seems to me that she knew alot about how to keep the peace in the world, starting by showing understanding in her own little part of it..  You are lucky to have been raised by someone so wise.  Tina

lurkynat said...

Dear Coco,
thank you for your great comment! My mother would have responded thus; it is more important to not go to that person's level if lower than yours. Rather, seek the higher ground of going around that person and attempting to help others!

lurkynat said...

Dearest Tina,
Thank yuo so much for that wonderful comment about my mother!
As for your mother, ships sailed because she looked at them, flowers bloomed and kittens purred! I know becasue this is the effect yuo have on everyone!
Much love,natalie