Friday, July 21, 2006

Please Visit Our New JLander from South Africa

Google did the pictures

Please Visit Our New JLander From South Africa

You could be delighted and Carol would love to have more readers!She is a very busy wife adn mother with a huge heart for others and an interesting perspecitve on life:

Check her blog out please and give this dear JLander a thumbs up!




bgilmore725 said...

Natalie, that was so sweet of you to give her a mention... I met Caroline three years ago when she first taught at my elementary school in NC... for two years she taught there, then had to return to South Africa because her VFI visa had expired. She told us all that if it was God's will, then she would go back home and we were all saddened that she did indeed have to go back to SA. For another year she continued praying that God would make it possible for her and her family to come back to the US, and right up until nearly the last minute, she was wondering if it would ever happen, but the VISAs came through, and friends she had made here pulled their resources together and helped her family get settled in our community once more. She and her husband are both teachers, and both good Christian people. Their story is filled with valleys of darkness and mountains of joy. She has a most wonderful accent, and a beautiful voice... there are so many good things to say about this woman and her husband. I'm sure her journal will be filled with the trials and joys of living and teaching here... I urge you all to visit her as well. Thank you, Natalie, for mentioning Caroline's blog in yours! Love, Bea

caromarls said...

Thank you SO much for mentioning me in your blog.  Yes, I would love more readers who could possibly give comments and insight on what I write. This whole journal writing is a completely new thing for me, and each day, after I have written something, I am unsure about how it sounds. I get excited when I see positive comments, but I would not be upset with constructive criticism. That's how we learn about ourselves. Thanks again!