Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Moral Courage and Patriotism Popular Now In China

Moral Courage and Patriotism Popular now in China

 If you haven't seen Hero, you have a treat coming!This movie reads like an old story, becasue it has many outcomes. It is riveting and moving and the acting is great, but wait, there's more!

Apparently, the hero of the movie is a guy who really places the well being of

his country and its' people above his own in a very true sense of the word!

People, it's good news that these values are also so important to Chinese people!

What comes to mind?


Siviland;Hero or Visionary?

Siviland; Hero or Visionary?

Siviland was a professor at the University of Bombay when the gangs were destroying the city. Apparently, if you got in the way of these drug lords they killed you. Violence emerged and overshadowed the great city of Bombay so much that Siviland could take it no longer. He resigned from the university and became the Head of the Strike Force of the police department in Bombay. They have made huge progress there since he joined in curtailing the violence ,but there was still much to do. He decided to double their strike force

from 100 to 200 people to meet the violence head on. Culturally,Siviland says that Bombay is the city where people go to ake it in India. Siviland decided that it was his task to amke sure that Bombay stays intact by making it harder for crime lords to prevail. What do you think of Siviland? And do you think that we need more strike force personnel in our cities to curtail the violence?

Clones versus Humans;Is there a Difference?

 Clones versus humans; Is there a Difference?

The people who made the sci-fi movie "The Island" made me curious because there is a clone in the movie..I want to know from you, do you think that t clones , if people finally do make them, should have the same rights as you and me?And also, are these clones capable of making informed decisions like you and me?Please leave me a comment.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

The Internet Community:How strong a linkup

How Strong Is Our Linkup?

People some people think that the Internet is so strong there are no boundaries anymore which can stop a person from communicating with the big world out there! Sound out: is this what you believe? Please let me know!

Much ado about Zip

Much ado about Zip

How many of you feel that our focus is..well not meeting the mark....That perhaps we should be paying , not cutting federal assistance to day care, literacy programs, and to job training programs ?

Could we be encouraging ways for young people in different parts of the world to relate to each other and grow and share their ideas so that we can have projects, work, and care and concern in common?

Could we be developing ways to add to our food supply through vertical farming and underwater seafood harvesting? What do you think? We are running out of food and liquids for the future.

So leave me a comment..what do you think?

what mark should we be meeting? I know I feel that there are several lumps , how about you?

Beware you cannot fail

Beware no failing allowed... A line in the sand...

Ummm harump! Apparently, people can still declare bankruptcy, but... well the government says that that's possible but you have to pay it anyway later! hu????

What happens you may ask yourself if people cannot pay? Let me know ...I know some people can recoup but what about others?huh?

Credit card users beware...ouch!

Beware the bite!Ouch

Hi Guys! Be careful and tell me please what you think of this: according to the media the government has decided to charge you twice the minimum on any credit card for your purchase! Talk about accelerated debt! What do you think they are doing this for..let me know...hugs...