Thursday, July 21, 2005

Much ado about Zip

Much ado about Zip

How many of you feel that our focus is..well not meeting the mark....That perhaps we should be paying , not cutting federal assistance to day care, literacy programs, and to job training programs ?

Could we be encouraging ways for young people in different parts of the world to relate to each other and grow and share their ideas so that we can have projects, work, and care and concern in common?

Could we be developing ways to add to our food supply through vertical farming and underwater seafood harvesting? What do you think? We are running out of food and liquids for the future.

So leave me a comment..what do you think?

what mark should we be meeting? I know I feel that there are several lumps , how about you?

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sunnyside46 said...

I really dont' understand what you are getting at here,but would like to hear more