Tuesday, June 28, 2005

A Peaceable Kingdom

China did move to strike the ability to write journals on the Internet all over China.People in the government there do not wish for the citizens to be able to write their mind. They are now going to monitor all blogs and people have to restate theri loyalty to the communist party.

In 2004, the Chinese took measures to make sure Taiwan was scared of their military forces by sending soldiers to Taiwan en masse to scare the Taiwanese into submission.

People are we sure that we can have a peaceable kingdom with a government who only honors a chosen few?Many people are encouraged to leave the country and work like a dog in big cities without even a roof over their heads and no assistence to get one.

The Water Porter Shines

The water porter has recovered! Sound your buugles!

I'm quite happy about it! Please write down some fabulous triumphs here for all to enjoy!

Monday, June 13, 2005

The Water Porter

I enjoyed the movie "The Waterboy" because on the surface it was alot of fun and it mirrored our huge need to have some people care for our concerns; we need as a people to have care givers and helpers who give us encoragement and who believe in us.

One of my cousins has a mother who fits this descsription. She  always has an agenda and it includes helping others shine and have fun.She has such a great sense of  humor that people enjoy just being in the room with her.


She just had a pacemaker put in and I hope that she will be okay.