Wednesday, November 14, 2007

My Friends ! I am so grateful for you! Please sign in and leave a link

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Dear Friends, Thanksgiving is almost here! and I am so grateful for your presence here!
Please write a comment and leave a link for all Aol !
Please have an awesome thanksgiving too ! And tell us what you're up to!Thanks!

David Ramsey's View on Debt and Credit Cards

David Ramsey's View on Debt and Credit Cards

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November 12

David Ramsey worked really hard. He amassed a great deal of money; becoming a millionaire after some time. He had grown up with out all of the extra things he thought he could afford so he plunged himself and his family into huge debt.
One bright morning he woke up and he tore up all of his credit cards. He signed on with a debt consolidation company, and even though it was no picnic he worked himself out of the debt and now he is doing okay again!
Now Ramsey hosts a national radio show and he has a video about how to get rid of your debt and start saving for yourself and your family.
Now people can start a group in their community rec center or their temple or church and help people get out of debt too with Ramsey's dvd.
Would you do this?
Do you think that more Americans save?
Do you save? have you taught your kids?
Let us know!

The Bee Problem: They were ill and Australian bees came

The Bee Problem: They were ill and Australian bees came
The Week, October 2007
Bees came from Australia and they were tired and sick. they infected our bees. Many of our bees were sick from traveling too far to pollinate the hives.


Kanye's Mom Was Killed by a Physician: talk about it

Kanye West, one of teenagers favorite idols, lost his mother to a plastic surgeon in California who did not insist that she have an evaluation before surgery and who was not board certified....
This woman was a great mother and a dear person and Kanye's inspiration and co singer on several of his tours... so... what do you think about that?
And while you are at it, what should happen to this person?She was not the only patient who suffered from his negligence.

Check For Carbon Monoxide in your Meat

Check for carbon Monoxide in your Meat

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November 12, 2007

It is now legal to sell outdated meat (beef, chicken, lamb,etc.) and make it look better by injecting carbon monoxide into it.
Please let us know what you think about this!
The only defense we have now is to check the date and make sure that you are a week away from expiration. many of you do this?
Do you think that this is fair to the public do have expired meats out there?