Thursday, March 29, 2007

Parents Spend more Time with their kids now: AP survey: what do you think?

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Parents Spend More Time with their Children than they Did Five to Ten years ago; according to a survey printed by the Associated Press. What do you think? Is this true?

If so is it helping kids?

I read a very interesting article about this published by the Associated Press and it was inspiring!

What do you think? I think it si very good news and if I am pressed, I will attest to seeing a ton of moms in mini vans and dads in pickups! Kids have many activities and sports after school, and tutoring ! I think it is great that parents do so much for kids!

Conversely, the saddest thing I see are kids whose parents are not around!


What is your Favorite Time of day?Why?:Scalzi's assignment

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What is your Favorite Time of Day?:Scalzi's assignment


Time is a relative thing! I love noon time or high noon the best; 10 am is okay and 11:30 is alright! I like night time as well...I liek the times when I am not running so fast that I cannot enjoy life!

How about you? Please tell us!Or Leave a link!

I'm linking on to John's assignment page.TY

Monday, March 26, 2007

What food do you keep in your refrigerator?:Scalzi's assignment

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What do you keep in your refrigerator? What is there now?

Scalzi's assignment

Sigh....hmmmmmm...(wishing I could ask Bea or Kate or Guido or Paul.. what is PC nowadays to keep in your fridge...:):)

ummm ....I do have fruit, vegetables, juices, milk, specialty coffees, special waters, :)

ummm... you know ..chicken, sometimes fish...


Now it's your turn! Please tell us what you have in your fridge! and Please leave us alink so we can read your blog!TY

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Tell us about your favorite Entry:Scalzi

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Tell us about Your Favorite Hoemwork Assignment:Scalzi

I'm a week late on this ... sorry.. Please post your favorite entry link !

I will need time to find mine! It ahd to do with what I thought I would be doing in the distant future! It was awesome... I coudl play with UFo cars and space travel!


Friday, March 9, 2007

Tell us about a silly thing you or your kid did as a child:Scalzi's assignment

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Tell us Something Funny you did or your kids did:Scalzi's assignment

I enjoyed hearing about my daughter making mud cakes at her preschool . She served the cake up out of the cake pan and she and her friend"thought it was delicious"!:):)

ok tell us your funny story please! and leave a link! TY!


Friday, March 2, 2007

Please go Read Stephanie's Letters to Her Father

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Please go read Stephanie's blog about her dear father.

He was awonderful man to Steaphanie and the rest of the family and he leaves a huge void in his wake.Please leave Stepahnie your link as well.TY!

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Please go Visit Stephanie and Comment in her new blog

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Please go visit Stephanie , a former Jlander has returned !


Eight people died in a school in Alabama: tornado brings destruction to Alabama and Georgia

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Tornado killed eight people in Alabama


March 2, 2007

Some people were huddled in a school in Enterprise Alabama while this deadly storm rushed through; leaving death and destruction in its' wake.

My heart goes out to the people of Alabama and Georgia and of course to our Jlander Marti from this area. Please hold Marti in your thoughts and visit her webpage to offer support: Porch Stories.


ps they have not mentioned yet what is available for support for these people. I think that relief agencies should be ready this weekend sometime.


Thursday, March 1, 2007

Intuits are Angry at Americans:Claim that we Have Polluted their Environment

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February 28,2007

Intuits are Angry at Americans: they think we Have Polluted Their Environment

I am surprised to read this because I am a mere peasant who does not have the say so to control industry so I am wondering how we the people, who work, raise children, and pay taxes can be sued for a huge area of industry nation wide and its' after effects in the Supreme Court.Do you think they will narrow it down?

What do you think?

Eskimosare saying that they want to sue Americans (these Eskimos are Canadians).

They claim that our pollutants have ruined theri chances for a good food source and their ability to enjoy a great natural lifestyle outdoors...

So..let us know your opinion please!I think that these people deserve a good environment...and I wish and I hope we can get more influence with industry... Do you think we have that influence now? do you think we used to? let us know!TY


China and America: China's Wild West Becomes Our Future Too

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China's Wild West becomes America's Future


February 27,2007

We got near to a recession for amoment in time as our stock market crashed to post 9/11 levels and Wall Street analysts were quized again about the repercussions; what happened and were we near a  recession?Greenspan said it was serious...

The interesting thing was that we were reacting to China's mercurial ups and downs; and it is said that China is now like our Wild West! Things are not totally nailed down and experiences similar to our gold rush days in the Wild West are still occuring!:0

This is fascinating to me: but how about you?What do you think about the fact that we are so closely tied to how business does over the ocean in this giants' back yard?:)

Please let us know! TY!



Pick: Your car or your computer:Scalzi's assignment

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Pick:Your car or your computer:Scalzi's assignment

Tell us which one you cannot live without... or would rather not !

I will pick my car because I lvoe computers but I need to pick up and deliver  a lot!

Okay it's your turn! Tell us which one is more imporant to you and why! Please leave your link too!Thanks!