Thursday, March 1, 2007

Intuits are Angry at Americans:Claim that we Have Polluted their Environment

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February 28,2007

Intuits are Angry at Americans: they think we Have Polluted Their Environment

I am surprised to read this because I am a mere peasant who does not have the say so to control industry so I am wondering how we the people, who work, raise children, and pay taxes can be sued for a huge area of industry nation wide and its' after effects in the Supreme Court.Do you think they will narrow it down?

What do you think?

Eskimosare saying that they want to sue Americans (these Eskimos are Canadians).

They claim that our pollutants have ruined theri chances for a good food source and their ability to enjoy a great natural lifestyle outdoors...

So..let us know your opinion please!I think that these people deserve a good environment...and I wish and I hope we can get more influence with industry... Do you think we have that influence now? do you think we used to? let us know!TY



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I do not think that you can blame anyone person. We are all guilty of trashing the earth. Heck if more people would just recycle their cans we could save so much land fill space!

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