Thursday, March 1, 2007

China and America: China's Wild West Becomes Our Future Too

Google assembled these pictures

China's Wild West becomes America's Future


February 27,2007

We got near to a recession for amoment in time as our stock market crashed to post 9/11 levels and Wall Street analysts were quized again about the repercussions; what happened and were we near a  recession?Greenspan said it was serious...

The interesting thing was that we were reacting to China's mercurial ups and downs; and it is said that China is now like our Wild West! Things are not totally nailed down and experiences similar to our gold rush days in the Wild West are still occuring!:0

This is fascinating to me: but how about you?What do you think about the fact that we are so closely tied to how business does over the ocean in this giants' back yard?:)

Please let us know! TY!



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kamdghwmw said...

I try very hard not to buy products that are not made in America. Then again I am cheap and buy just about everything second hand! LOL I do know that most of the baby toys made over seas to do not meat our safty standerds.