Thursday, November 30, 2006

Do you like to travel?(Scalzi's assignment)

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Do You Like to Travel?(Scalzi's assignment)

I love to travel.Travelling is a way to broaden your horizons, relax, meet new people, reflect on your life and grow!:):) I like car trips and plane trips.I like to see things ina different way; or just to not be available at home for a spell!

It is more fun to go to places that my family is not totally familiar with so we can explore!It is interesting to be able to take a nice trail hike or go fishing; jsut be in nature.

I would love to go abroad and see places I've never seen..

How about you? Let us know!



Sunday, November 26, 2006

Dreams: Crazy Dreams! Do you sometimes have them?

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Dreams: Crazy Dreams! Do you sometimes have them?

I did have a couple of wild dreams as of late and I wanted to tell you about them to see what you might say. You could give your interpretation of them, and you could also tell usa bout some dreams of yuor own here or give me a link to your enry in your journal!

I was in a wild wild storm in the first dream. The wind swirled around me and my children could not hear me; try as I did to contact them!The sounds came out suspended in the wind like jello!:0... alarming yet so weird! I was worried !

In the second dream, I was laying out sticks under a tree on a very calm sunny day. The sticks were laying in a pattern specific to each group. They relfected certain developments in my children's life and they were peaceful and uninterrrupted.I was very calm.

I relate to them now as I relate to the Iching patterns because I think that they related to a story about the children.

Your turn.


What Would Make you Happy this Holiday Season?

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What would Make you Happy this Holday Season?

What would make it a fantastic holiday seaosn for you?Go all out... I mean, if a trip to Hawaii would do it, tell us! If it's a ring from your companion, mention it!If you could be persuaded to be happy with less to do and a visit to the zoo with family, let's hear it!

I think less telephone calls and less school related events for the holidays mixed in with some quiet family time would be delightful! ...

Just the thought of a les hectic couple of days with our kids and their friends and some nice music on sounds terrific!

Now it's your turn!


Jeff Tells About his life In Australia! Fascinating read! Go See!

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Jeff Tells About his former life in Australia! Fascianting Read! Go See!

Our own Assistant Editor of Jland, Jeff, is a great writer and world traveler!

I was delighted and fascinated by his tale about his former life in Australia and about all of the adventures he had there. He is a man who can make his dreams come true despite formidable obstacles! Check it out and leave some comments!


Shauneenie has an Interesting life! Go visit her!

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Shauneenie has an interesting life Go Visit her!

(She is a friend of Caroline's and she is also from South Africa)

Shauneenie has a nice journal that has just gotten started!She writes about her wonderful children, her life as a woman and her life as a teacher! She si very charming and she writes well!




Friday, November 24, 2006

Have you Ever Been Late?Tell us...(Scalzi's assignment)

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Have You Ever Been Late? (Scalzi's assignment)

Have You Ever Been Late?

People think more casually about time than I do in a general sense... you see time was of importance to my father and my grandfathers!:) That's  two generations of time keepers! And if I am honest, I adore watching big tower clocks..especially the ones which show the inside of their works...

I don't recall when I have been seriously late to an appointment; though doubtlessly everyone has been late...

Please add your experiences about being late!


And oh, btw... do yu actually beleive that time exists?

By exists, I mean can you visualize time in a realm all of its' own?

Sunday, November 19, 2006

She's Great! Go and Visit "Isn't She Great?"

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Shes' Great! A New Journaler!

(A Friend of Jeanette's here)Goand Visit "Isn't She Great?"

She is an interesting writer and Jeanette said to go see her!(Jeanette's Jottings)...

Here is her link:

TY! Hugs, natalie


Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Rose

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The Rose

She looked down at the rose in her book. It was carefully preserved; the color still vital and the memory still fantastic!She drifted a moment... back to the day when she recieved it.

I was a beautiful morning; her boy friend had taken a walk with her through the park to feed the ducks. He ducked bak into his car as they neared her house and he pulled out these lovely roses! A dozen of them!For her!

She still remembered the pride in his face as he looked over at her and he said:"Here.. these are for you!"

Wow! She had almost keeled over!A smile had graced her face as she colored." you!"

"Grace? umm.. Can we go out?"

She smiled again...

There was always something enchanting about him... so real and so caring...she smirked although sometimes he showed his caring in very unusual ways...


Parental Bliss

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Parental Bliss

She hurried up the stairs and into the school lobby; tucking her blouse into her waistband and sorting her necklace out. She stepped inot the restroom and checked her hair and redid her lipstick...well.. did she look perfect?She cocked her head and turned it alittle... it would do...

She checked her watch and strolled down to her girl's teacher's clasroom for her conference.She reflected; how thrilled they had been when she had been born! what a joy came into their lives!Such a cute face! Born premature, she and her husband had spent many a night in ther premie wing; giving her a night time bottle and smiling at her. Maria was a cute baby; energetic and fun to be around!She was always positive... and the sky was the limit when it came to cativities.."What can we do now Mommy?" she always said...She would dig endlessly in the sand box outside and play with her  friends and her dolls...she always listened when her mom read to her..her mom shrugged..

Now the teacher wondered whether or not Maria should be in this preschool class! Why not???There was nothing inherently wrong with Maria!no! She was attentive when read to and she loved to color...why did the teacher want her to be farther along to start?In preschool?She shrugged and headed in the door.

Game Strategies

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Game Strategies

Brenda leaned over the railing on the porch and gazed out in the yard... what had the coach said? what?...she searched her mind ... Caoch had gone to a new set of seminars; bent on incorporating a new , more evolved training system for the two teams of boys in the school.

She sighed...He said that the boys had to"own" the

court; that they had to" do it for the team" and that the team's success depended upon them stretching themselves as far as they deemed possible. He said that if it meant sacrificing important events, they did that. He said also that if "you weren't in good enough shape, get there"...

she sighed...She had watched her son perform a near miracle when he attempted to capture the ball and then deliver a basket at the other end... she sighed... but another boy had pinged it off him at the last minute, and her son then failed to give himself credit for his hard work... One of the coaches had walked over and said "It's tried your best".. but with all of this pressure in the air and his young age, what if he didn't make Varsity???Would his chances for a social life and for fun change? He did not have to make it this year; it was just that the practices and what they said got the boys so invested in it...

and she heard that it did not favor well for a student if he got injured or felt ill...

she sighed... where was the release for her son from the stresses of school?


You Write it Entry!

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You Write It Entry!Comments about Funny Times!

OK! Some of you want action packed this weekend!

So...  lol!Tell us about the time... and the time...

well you know... I'm going to start sentences and please tells us for each one what it reminds you of!


1. I was walking down the street, minding my own business, when ... drove up! I hadn't seen... in a long we...

2.We talked for awhile at the store and I went home. As I was trying to put the groceries up... startled me!lol!:) My groceries went everywhere: (pick one)eggs on the floor,the tomato katsup went on my blouse! lol! while I was getting my hamburgers together!!

3. I went outside.. a bird had pooped all over my car window! lol! ... and I stepped in poop!(ewwwww!:)

4. I went to my kid's school and I managed to run into...(lol!) his teacher for ...! As I reached over to pat him on the back, I dropped my kids' two books!lol!

5. One time, in the bowling alley, I dropped the ball on my toe! oww! ... Everyone tried not to laugh..!!! that only made them laugh more! lol!

6. My brother used to own a bebe gun... one time, he was trying to shoot a squirrel who was running across the yard! He shot me! lol!...

OK it's your turn!lol







Do you Prefer Dark or Light?(Scalzi's assignment)

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Do you Prefer Dark or Light (meat that is)

(Scalzi's assignment)

I prefer dark juicy meat becasue I enjoy the taste more! I find fresh cranberry sauce to be crucial too...

I did really like all of those marshmellows on the yams as a child...

but now the greens beans are more important! lol!

Now it's your turn! You tell us!

Oh and if you have a thanksgivng story, please tell us! TY

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

CarnivAOLis up!:Please go check it out!

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CarnivAOL is up! Please Go Check it out!

Paul Little has put together a new CarniVAOL!

Go check it out!


CarnivAOL blog


Inner spirit or soul:What is this to you?

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Inner spirit or Soul : What is this to you?

Some people think that the earth is the outer world and that the soul is the inner world.What has made you feel that this is true? Can you tell that this world is not a part of the physical world? How?


Inner spirit or soul:What is this to you?

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Inner spirit or Soul : What is this to you?

Some people think that the earth is the outer world and that the soul is the inner world.What has made you feel that this is true? Can you tell that this world is not a part of the physical world? How?