Friday, November 3, 2006

Tell us About the First Time you Voted!(Saclzi's assignment)

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Tell Us about the Time Your First Voted!

(Scalzi's assignment)

The first time I voted  I  remember being very impressed with the voting booth!I mean you can go into this square space, read all about the issues and make a difference by selecting someone for office who you thought really cared about what he or she was doing. My parents really believed that our system was cool and so they told us (and their neighbors) to go vote! They using to call this getting out the vote.

I will vote this time again and I hope that everyone does. It is our duty to grow a conscience and voice it.It is not so bad when we don't agree! That makes us stronger; by growing and listening to the other sides' concerns and trying to incorporate it into our own.

Please write down your first voting experiences here and what you made out of it. Then tell us if you will vote this time (or when!)You can also leave links!




readmereadyou said...

The only thing I can remember is being afraid I wouldn't close the curtain right. LOL! Oh yes, and I was afraid of taking too long and the people behind me getting annoyed. : )

I wrote a whole entry years back about my father and voting. Election Day always reminds me of him.


princesssaurora said...

I remember my first time... and will do it this weekend!

be well,

lifesabench6 said...

I was so excited when I turned 18, because Canada was having the elections for the Prime Minister as well as local candidates.  I took my turn, and was feeling very proud that I was able to add my voice to that of the rest of the country.  I really miss not being able to vote- which is why I always tell people, if you're not registered- go, then get informed!!!  It's sad to me that so many people with the special power that many in the world do not have, take for granted their right.  It makes me sad to hear those of voting age not knowing anything about the government, yet when asked who they'll vote for, they pick a name because they like the way that person looks, they have nice hair, or because that person was on MTV, or whatever, yet know absolutely nothing about that person's voting record, or what they stand for or against.  Get informed people!!!!  Thanks Natalie!  Carolyn

springangel235 said...

Oh, I only remember bits and pieces...but I can remember the excitement in my heart was pounding...I felt like, for the first time...I was a REAL was special to me!  
Hugs and love,

ravenjuiced said...