Thursday, November 16, 2006

You Write it Entry!

Google did these pictures

You Write It Entry!Comments about Funny Times!

OK! Some of you want action packed this weekend!

So...  lol!Tell us about the time... and the time...

well you know... I'm going to start sentences and please tells us for each one what it reminds you of!


1. I was walking down the street, minding my own business, when ... drove up! I hadn't seen... in a long we...

2.We talked for awhile at the store and I went home. As I was trying to put the groceries up... startled me!lol!:) My groceries went everywhere: (pick one)eggs on the floor,the tomato katsup went on my blouse! lol! while I was getting my hamburgers together!!

3. I went outside.. a bird had pooped all over my car window! lol! ... and I stepped in poop!(ewwwww!:)

4. I went to my kid's school and I managed to run into...(lol!) his teacher for ...! As I reached over to pat him on the back, I dropped my kids' two books!lol!

5. One time, in the bowling alley, I dropped the ball on my toe! oww! ... Everyone tried not to laugh..!!! that only made them laugh more! lol!

6. My brother used to own a bebe gun... one time, he was trying to shoot a squirrel who was running across the yard! He shot me! lol!...

OK it's your turn!lol








wfhbear said...

I am now confused. Regards, Bill.

ravenjuiced said...

Okay, true stories all.
1. ....I hadn't seen Gary in a long time, so we went to the nearest bar and had a couple beers. It was nice to know that old friendships dont fade with time, they just get put on hold.

2. Never happened. (besides, the blouse thing leads me to believe it's a chick story) But it reminds me of the movie "Leathal Weapon" (Trish drops and egg)

3. I was furious, I wanted to blame the neighbors dog, but the neighbor didn't have one. The brand spankin' new wingtips had been introduced to Frosty who sat like an angel on the couch. It seemed that the bird poop would be the lesser of the problems, but the fact that I had no windshield washer fluid so the wipers managed to smear the poop nicely. My sister still calls it "The great Day of ...." (a little stronger than poop)

4. Never happened. But it reminds me of the first time I dropped off my youngest step-daughter at school. Her mom had been taking her in the crappy station waggon they got in the settlement and I had a BMW. She was so happy to have her friends see her getting out of a BMW and I was so cool then. She's still into the status symbols. Too bad.

5. Never happened. But I used to go bowling with my buddy Bruce. We'd get drunk and throw the ball down the alley as hard as we could. We were idiots.

6. Don't have a brother. But my neighbor Jim had a bebe gun and shot one of our neighbors Henry in the side. Henry was bulking up for football on cheeseburgers and had a nice roll around his midsection. The first thing out of Jim's mouth as he watched Henry writhing on the ground  was, "Oh stop acting. That couldn't have hurt. Your neverves are burried too deep."