Thursday, November 16, 2006

Parental Bliss

Google made hese pictures

Parental Bliss

She hurried up the stairs and into the school lobby; tucking her blouse into her waistband and sorting her necklace out. She stepped inot the restroom and checked her hair and redid her lipstick...well.. did she look perfect?She cocked her head and turned it alittle... it would do...

She checked her watch and strolled down to her girl's teacher's clasroom for her conference.She reflected; how thrilled they had been when she had been born! what a joy came into their lives!Such a cute face! Born premature, she and her husband had spent many a night in ther premie wing; giving her a night time bottle and smiling at her. Maria was a cute baby; energetic and fun to be around!She was always positive... and the sky was the limit when it came to cativities.."What can we do now Mommy?" she always said...She would dig endlessly in the sand box outside and play with her  friends and her dolls...she always listened when her mom read to her..her mom shrugged..

Now the teacher wondered whether or not Maria should be in this preschool class! Why not???There was nothing inherently wrong with Maria!no! She was attentive when read to and she loved to color...why did the teacher want her to be farther along to start?In preschool?She shrugged and headed in the door.


sugar1337 said...

Ya kids today do get pushed to the max and kids aren't getting placed right for some probably do need to get held back while others should be pushed even farther ahead.

wfhbear said...

There is no such thing as parental Bliss. Regards, Bill.

caromarls said...

I almost want to ask you - what happened afterwards? I like the way you are writing - interesting! Hugs Caroline

lurkynat said...

Dear Caroline,
hugs! It's my understanding that the mother got her daughter a tutor and after the tutor got her established wiht reading the school was prepared to let her in.. however, at that time she seriously considered all that took place and put her in a Montessori school!