Sunday, November 26, 2006

What Would Make you Happy this Holiday Season?

Google did these pictures

What would Make you Happy this Holday Season?

What would make it a fantastic holiday seaosn for you?Go all out... I mean, if a trip to Hawaii would do it, tell us! If it's a ring from your companion, mention it!If you could be persuaded to be happy with less to do and a visit to the zoo with family, let's hear it!

I think less telephone calls and less school related events for the holidays mixed in with some quiet family time would be delightful! ...

Just the thought of a les hectic couple of days with our kids and their friends and some nice music on sounds terrific!

Now it's your turn!



springangel235 said...

Having my family by my aglow with excitement of Christmas morning.  That's what would make me happy....great question!!!
Hugs and love,

readmereadyou said...

Peace on earth too much to ask for?

Well, nothing makes me more happy than being surrounded by my family. My son lives out of state. If I could have my dream wish both my kids, their spouses and my six grandkids would be altogether, playing games, singing Christmas songs and going to church for midnight Mass.......A real old-fashioned family Christmas.


wfhbear said...

I will be happy if I can spend my Christmas time with Libby, my Mom, and the dogs. I consider this all "family time". I also hope that I will not be in pain from the surgery. I guess that is selfish but, so what! My Regards, Bill.

lifesabench6 said...

If I can't have world peace, I'd settle for a trip to Canada to see my family, so everyone can meet my hubby and child.  If I'm really day dreaming, we're off for a year to motor across country up to Alaska and Yukon in Canada- talk about a home school adventure!!!  I will settle for world peace though- that's what I really want!!!!  Have a great week Natalie- love Carolyn

sassydee50 said...

I would love the chance to tour some historic homes all decked out for Christmas and catch the Nutcracker ballet! ;-) Sassy

rebuketheworld said...

I copied and pasted this..I wrote it at Patricks since I havent changed my mind on anything, here is

1)I want, a camcorder with a usb port to upload my videos. I am going to start doing the news via camcorder on my overtly sarcastic blog...2) a professional massage and facial...3) six months at Jenny Craig food store...4) Plasma Flat screen TV...5) A number-bed mattress with high thread count sheets and 6) A cabin with a fireplace in the woods, a bottle of merlot, good food..and all by myself on New Years eve....getting drunk, crying, being out in a nature..would be a dream come true....-Raven
Do I sound like high maintenance? LMAO...I forgot to add multiple orgasms but I need to get married for that one..and a psychic to make sure the guy is the real

sugarsweet056 said...

#1 answer from almost all would be Peace On Earth during this time of turmoil.
But reality & my dull little life, I'd like to have my family ALL together, with just one day of happiness, joy, laughter, (no pain) & everyone spending the entire day together!!!
Hugs, sugar

bethjunebug said...

What would make me Happy for this Holiday season, is to be "Raptured up to heaven with all my family and friends, to live happy ever after!"
I'm ready to go to my heavenly home.
God Bless,

shermeen0621 said...

Simple...winning the lotto!!!

i'd fly my whole family away for a Christmas Vacation, Adams family too. I'd pay all our bills, buy a new house. And have the wedding of my dreams!!!

Shermeen xx