Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Inner spirit or soul:What is this to you?

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Inner spirit or Soul : What is this to you?

Some people think that the earth is the outer world and that the soul is the inner world.What has made you feel that this is true? Can you tell that this world is not a part of the physical world? How?



bobandkate said...

A very interesting question Natalie, and one that is difficult to answer. I think of my inner spirit as the essence of me, the energy that combines uniquely in me which makes me think as well as animates my body. Brain biochemistry is a fascinating area because it is the thinking biomolecules there that make our inner person interact with the outer world. Will need to think a bit more about this one,

lifesabench6 said...

Gee Nat- give us something easy why don't ya!  It's a hard question- and I can't explain it here!!!!!!! I'll look forward though to see what others think though.  If I have more time to think, I'll be back.  Thanks Carolyn

lifesabench6 said...

Hey Natalie, I'm back.  You threw something out here this time that isn't easily explained, but my thoughts are that there are definately spirit and physical.  I have felt the spiritual- both sides.  One is the comforting Spirit of God, the other is the one I don't want to talk about- but he is real also.  Our spirits are what God has given us to comunicate with Him, and how he blesses us with our talents and gifts. Anyway- I know that we all have a soul, as given to us by God, and hopefully, that's where most souls will return someday.  Sorry it's so simplified and a lot would probably pass me off as a nut job, but that's the best I can explain it here.  Sorry- but thanks Nat.  Always making us think!  Carolyn

wfhbear said...

Our physical being is our body. It is how we deal with the body as it moves through its phases of its life. Our Spirit or soul is how we think. The impulses that cause us to be who we are. It is my belief that when we die these leectrical impulses are freed into the space around our body and eventually disintegrate into the space we use to be in. Our bodies are gone but, not our essence with has melded with all the other impulses that have gone before us. We thereby continue to live through our thought imnpulses. Hope this doesn't confuse you to much. Regards, Bill.

bgilmore725 said...

Hi Nat,... just wanted you to know that I am thinking about this one before I post an answer.... will come back later. I do believe in the spirit within us... our soul is our inner world. The rest, later. Good question, Nat! Bea