Thursday, November 9, 2006

Veterans here and Abroad: Happy Veterans Day this weekend!

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Veterans Here and Abroad: Happy Veterans Day this weekend!

I remember when my children were younger, they used to go to help the Boy Scouts leader put up small American flags in the cemetary; honoring vets who gave their all for this country. I remember the look on my boys' faces as they contemplated the devotion and sheer grit that these people demonstrated in the batttles that they were in; and they were , of course, in different divisions; the Air Force, the Navy , the Marines, the Coast Guard, or the Army! "Wow Mom!"

They were astonished and thrilled to see this dedication; and yet, they were moved by the sacrifices made by these men and women.

If you are a Veteran, Happy Veterans' Day! And we admire you for all that you have done!(You too WfhBear!)

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readmereadyou said...

We were blessed with brave servicemen and now women in this country.....then and now. I hope they know how much we appreciate them.

jlocorriere05 said...

Let us not forget these brave people who have served us so well! Jeannette xx  

pharmolo said...

11 November is tomorrow; Remembrance Sunday is held the day after here in the UK, Nat.

lifesabench6 said...

Hey Nat- I'm so grateful for all the men and wonmen who have served this country.  In Canada, we have Rememberance Day- I always remember wearing the poppy- but I was a lot older when I really realized what it was for.  I've  had the privilage to know a few vets personally and through J land, and I am so proud and grateful for them all!  Please go by and thank Bill (wfnbear) and Sam (samsays)- sorry, there's links for them both on  also Christy's Thoughts- her husband is a soldier.  Thanks Nat, and thank you vets and those serving now!  Carolyn

sugarsweet056 said...

TY for this post.
Yes, Happy Veterans Day to EACH & EVERY ONE! We are so proud of them!
Will do my entry tonight or tomorrow.
Hugs, Sugar

princesssaurora said...


kiplingcrissy said...

Long time, no read.  I have been away doing non internet things like working on my novel. Anyway, I am over at my moms and thought I peek  in on you.
I hope you are well, come see my latest entry

wfhbear said...

You left out our smallest , military force, the Coast Guard. The Coast Guard is 8 years older than our Navy which was disbanded after the Revolution. Since 1790 the US Coast Guard has participated in all our Country's battles. Thanks for the Veterans Day Greeting. Regards, Bill.